Coronado National Forest, Coronavirus

In light of the virus crisis, I asked the Coronado National Forest if there are any restrictions for OHV recreation at this time. Here is the response.

Hi George,

At this time, the trails are open as normal. Individuals are asked to follow AZ State and CDC requirements. Do you have an upcoming event that exceeds the CDC/AZ recommended group limit size? If so, I would refer you to the Special Use Permit division. The contact is Alysa Hansen (

If things change, there will be a press release and it will be posted on the Coronado FB site.

Thanks for checking, stay well.

Dana Backer
Partnership Coordinator

Forest Service
Coronado National Forest – Supervisor’s Office
p: 520-388-8424
300 W Congress Street, 6th Floor
Tucson, AZ 85701

Post Copper Classic Race Recap:

Trail Riders of Southern Arizona (TRS) are happy to report the 2020 San Manuel Copper Classic was a huge success! Over 260 racers registered for the Mini and Big Bike courses this past Saturday; all in search of exciting competition and all out dirt bike fun. At the Riders Meeting before the racing started for the Big Bikes, we had a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem sung by Alicia Guerrero. Just as she completed the Anthem there was an airplane fly over to excite the racers and spectators alike.

The weather was cool in the morning for the younger racers and warmed considerably for the Big Bike race, which started at Noon. The warmer afternoon temperature and long West Loop took its toll on many of the Big Bike racers.

As it was last year, the Big Bike racers were challenged by the Restart Enduro race format. The challenge of racing a Restart Enduro format is to complete one test section before the prescribed start time for the next test section.

This year we expanded our racecourse by adding Grass Track #2 and also included a pass through the Gardner Middle School hallways, out under a breezeway, around the outside of the Gym building and finally down into a short tunnel. Once through the tunnel, the racers found themselves at the top of the steps that lead down onto Grass Track #1 and then off to the finish of the South loop.

For the riders able to make it to their final finish check, they received a cool red towel to refresh themselves.

In the evening after the race, TRS members gathered around the camp fire and enjoyed an outstanding meal served up by Chef Carlos Serrano and friends. After the meal, raffle prizes were awarded to the TRS volunteers as a way of saying thanks for all their hard work.

As always, TRS wishes to thank all of its club members, family members and friends who help make this event possible. We also thank AMRA for their support at registration and the scoring checks. TRS also needs to express our thanks to the club sponsors for their support; Serrano Motorsports, Tucker Motorsports, Alexandra L Miller CPA, Arizona Kawasaki- KTM-Triumph, Scott Genzman GR Financial Group, TRAFFICADE, Randy Jones Farmers Insurance, Cycle Skis & ATVs and On Any Moto.

Finally, we thank the fine residents of San Manuel, San Manuel School officials and BHP Copper for once again allowing us to utilize the school grounds and adjoining property to host this event. The Copper Classic exists due to their support and cooperation. We also thank the San Manuel Fire Department for watering Grass Track #1 to help keep the dust down.

Until next year be well and enjoy riding and racing your dirt bike.


The Trail Riders of Southern Arizona

TRS Completes Race Course Preparations for the Big Bike Racecourse

Thanks to some very dedicated and talented TRS members, the Big Bike racecourse was “staked” this weekend. Hats off to these members for utilizing a very efficient process to get the Mile Marker, Course Worker and general course marking stakes located across both West & South loops.

This coming Thursday and Friday, the Mini racecourse and the race campus will be staked and marked in anticipation of race activities starting on Friday afternoon.

Hope to see you in San Manuel soon.


New Club Sponsor

Sponsors – Viking Cycle & Bags

Note from the sponsor:

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TRS Club Meeting 2-11-2020

TRS held its February club meeting at the Sentinel Peak Brewery (located at Grant & Swan). There were 44 members, guests and a few potential new members in attendance.

Highlights of the meeting: 2019 year in review, Copper Classic preparation, potential for new trail development, future TRS club race/dirt bike rodeo event, and developing interest trials riding .

Thanks to all who were able to attend. Special thanks to all who have committed to volunteering support for the upcoming Copper Classic. Not too late to get involved.


Copper Classic Race, March 7, 2020

Copper Classic Re-Start Enduro


The Trail Riders of Southern Arizona (TRS) will be hosting the 14th. running of the Copper Classic off-road motorcycle race in San Manuel Arizona on Saturday March 7, 2020.

This race is an American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) sanctioned event and is the 4th race of the 2020 Arizona Motorcycle Riders Association’s (AMRA) State Championship Series.

TRS is welcoming you to help at this event as a race volunteer or enter to compete in the race. Either way, TRS guarantees you a good time.

Should you wish more information about this race, please reply here. More details will be published in the days ahead.

Date: Saturday, March 7, 2020
Time: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Place: Gardner Middle School, 715 S Ave D

There Will Be Dust 2020 Update

I attended the Patagonia Town Council last night. Here are the evening results.

1. A motion was approved unanimously to allow TRS to host/stage TWBD 2020 in town with all of 2019’s permissions. Several Council members & Food Bank Manager expressed their gratitude for the $2,000 donation to the Food Bank. Town Marshal Joe Patterson chimed in with comments about how respectful our event participants were and how TRS demonstrated concern for rider safety.

2. The TRS Appreciation plaque was presented to the Mayor and Council members. Heard some oohs & aaahhs as I showed the plaque. We then received a round of applause from everyone in the room. Cool.
The picture left to right, yours truly, Mayor Andrea Wood, Food Bank Mgr., Jim Staudacher.

So mark your calendar now for TWBD VIII, Saturday, November 21, 2020 in Patagonia Az.


TRS Membership Auto Renewal System Issue

Some of you may have recently received a notice from PayPal stating “Trail Riders of Southern Arizona Inc. canceled your automatic payments.” This occurs a day or so after your membership auto renewal payment processed for the next 12 months and a charge was made to your credit card currently on file.

Fellow club member and TRS Website Master, Will Hasting, has investigated this and believes he understand the trouble. He is a short message from Will.

….”the form of automatic payments we’re using from PayPal is currently broken. To use the more updated, and recommend pathways for sale sites requires us to elevate our PayPal account to a paid tier. PayPal said they’re working on a fix, but don’t have an ETA. I’ve disabled future sign-ups of Automatic payments till than. But anyone with auto-renewals from November and the foreseeable future are going to see this and need me to manually switch them over to the non-automated method after it fails.”

Stay tuned