Copper Classic Work Day, Sunday January 27

Save The Date:

Copper Classic Course Work Day #1

Come help get the course ready for the race.

Date: January 27
Time: 9:30am
Staging:Area in from of the middle school along Avenue D in San Manuel

TRS will bring hand tools to trim brush and the like, bring your own if you like.

Bring your bike and dress appropriately for the weather and work.

Don’t forget a hydration system.

NOHVCC Webinar – January 30, 2019


NOHVCC’s mission is to “create a positive future for OHV recreation.” How does NOHVCC strive to further that mission? Learn more about how NOHVCC operates by participating in the “What is NOHVCC” webinar. If you have ever wondered about NOHVCC’s structure, programs, projects or staff, this webinar is for you. Also, NOHVCC provides a wide range of tools, guidance and expertise to OHV enthusiasts and managers – don’t miss this opportunity to find out if you can benefit from NOHVCC’s assistance!

Presenters include all NOHVCC staff:

Duane Taylor, Executive Director
Marc Hildesheim, Project Manager
Jack Terrell, Senior Project Manager
Geoff Chain, Project Coordinator & Communications Associate
Laura Feist, Executive Assistant

To RSVP, go to:

January 8, 2019 Club Meeting

Thanks to all who turned out for last night’s meeting. We had a full house again. Heard some great stories about memorial trail rides and the bar banging action at the last AMRA race.

There was a very special guest in the audience last night. His name is Joe Cook. Joe is the father of TRS club member Mike Cook. Joe is a WWII Navy Veteran who served his country in the South Pacific. At a very young 92 years of age, he serves as an inspiration for all of us. We were honored to join us for the club meeting.

Last night we also congratulated all the TRS racer’s for their fine performance at the last AMRA race, the Buckey Hare Scramble.

Here are the results as of this morning:

Bike Bikes

C Womens

3rd Place Tracy Evans

8th. place Jonathon Buchanan

2nd place Shawn Barney
17th place Kelly Van Arsdale
18th place Anthony Beers

2nd place David Vogt

C Open
5th place James Morris
10th place Tristen Bell

4th place Richard Evans
6th place Dakota Bray
11th place Rhyan Brogmus
12th place Will Hastings

4th place Chuck Ivy Jr

1st place Joe Kamai
2nd place Chris Bouchard
3rd place Bill Hendricks
9th place Diego Mendoza
12th place Alvaro Mendoza

3rd place Mike Perry
4th place Tim McGuire

1st place Mark Koenig

Mini Race Results

85cc 9-11 Year Olds
Jace Vogt 1st.
Griffin Harris 4th.

65cc 9-11 Year Olds
Logan Bouchard 8th.

News From The AMA, USFS Travel Management Rule

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The California Off-Road Vehicle Association joined 18 other groups to petition the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Forest Service to rescind or revise its 2005 Travel Management Rule. The rule requires designation of roads, trails and areas that are open to use by motor vehicles and prohibits motor vehicle use off of the designated system. Before the rule was put in place, motorized access was permitted unless specifically prohibited due to evidence that significant environmental damage would result. The petition was filed by the Texas Public Policy Foundation on behalf of 22,497 individuals represented by organizations in six states.

(Not sure how far this will go, but TRS will keep its eye on this story)

New Year’s Day Ride 2019

Happy New Year to all!

15 riders braved the early morning cold and snow to ride in San Manuel. One group rode the race course, two other groups road the north side of Webb Road.

As you can see, there was plenty of snow out on the trail.
The lunch after the ride was very enjoyable and warm. 🙂

Thanks to Mike B. for organizing the ride and lunch meal.


TRS New Year’s Day Ride

Details Taken from the Meetup Site Notice:
Join us for our annual New Year’s Day Ride in San Manuel. Ready to Ride (RTR) at 9 AM sharp. Depending on group size and preferences our plan is to break into multiple groups of 8 or less each with a leader familiar with the trails to keep the ride more manageable. We will be riding either the TRS San Manuel Qualifier Course and/or some of the more technical terrain on the north side of Webb Road.

Also, for those interested, TRS has made reservations at Carlota’s Mexican Restaurant in Catalina for an after ride meal at 2 PM. This “late” lunch is open to everyone riding this event. NOTE: TRS will contribute up to $300 for TRS member’s meals (you’re on your own for any alcohol). If you’re going to join us for the meal, please be back to the staging area at the school by 1 PM so we can get a good head count and all be at the restaurant at the same time.

For anyone who has not ridden in San Manuel before:

The qualifier course is a 25-30 mile C/B level ride; medium pace for me and any old farts. It will not be good for dual sport bikes or someone who has not ridden single track before.

The trails north of Webb Road are more technical with step ups/downs, deeper sand washes, lots of loose rocks in places, some tight canyons and steep hills with lots of thorny bushes thrown in just to mess with you….. this area is something for more advanced riders.

Strongly recommend a hydration pack lots of H2O, some power bars/snacks, etc. plus good protective gear and DEFINITELY some hand guards due to the cacti which is really overgrown on the trails in places.

Google Map Directions from Ina Rd/Oracle Rd intersection in north Tucson to the San Manuel Staging area is in the link below. If you’re coming from a different direction, back track to your starting location:,+Casas+Adobes,+AZ+85704/32.5970109,-110.630887/@32.5001548,-110.942828,11z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m9!4m8!1m5!1m1!1s0x86d673471e2cfea9:0x8f73a262f4d70a0b!2m2!1d-110.9773564!2d32.3370764!1m0!3e0

Join us for a fun ride. Hope to see you out there! Message George W or Mike Burke with any questions.

2015 New Year’s Day Ride In San Manuel, Possible repeat performance.

Small Gifts

‘Tis the season of sharing and receiving gifts with friends and family. Some will spend considerable amounts of cash buying gifts this season. Others will spend much less and stay within their budget. Sometimes you may receive a gift that outwardly appears insignificant, inexpensive but possess tremendous personal value. Well this is exactly what has happened to me.

While walking into East Coast Super Subs the other day for a club meeting, I noticed a Honda motorcycle parked near the entrance. What caught my attention was the license plate frame mounted on the rear fender of the bike. Inside the outer edge of the frame were the words Otto Brothers Honda. I thought, “That shop is familiar to me, I wonder if it is the one I used to visit when I was a kid.” So I went into East Coast Super Subs and saw some other TRS members sitting at a table. I asked who owned the Honda outside with the Otto Brothers Honda license plate frame? Well John Bingham responded it was his. He went onto confirm this shop is the one I remember from the days of my youth.

So I sat down and proceeded to relate to John my story. As a pre-teen, my neighborhood friend Paul and I would ride our bicycles or sometimes walk, if our bikes were broke, to the Otto Brothers Cycle shop on Ogden Road in Lyons Illinois. We would spend time in the shop dreaming of which Honda 50 or 70 we would get if we had the money. Next, Paul and I would debate which color was best, the dark cherry red or the bright blue. After awhile when it was obvious to the guys in the shop that we were not there to buy anything, we were politely asked to leave. Once outside the shop, we’d buy a Dr. Pepper from the vending machine for something like 25 cents, and head for home. John appreciated the story and shared some history about the shop and its owners.

After the meeting, John hands me a small, outwardly insignificant and inexpensive key ring fob. It is from Otto Brother Honda. The key fob looks old, probably issued around the time Paul and I made our annoyance visits to Otto Brothers. Well John leaves and I still have the key fob. So later I ask him if he meant to leave the key fob with me and he said yes. Enjoy the fob he says.

Well to me this key fob holds tremendous personal value. Why? Because this is a reminder of where it all began for me, that is the love of motorcycles, especially the dirt bike kind.

But my story continues on from those days of Otto Brothers. Even though I saved up my paper route money, I was never allowed to buy a Honda 50 or 70. I had to wait until I was in my early 30’s to get my first bike. But during all the time in between, I would recall those Otto Brothers days fondly and with inspiration. Now look at me, Chief Instigator of TRS, more dirt bike t-shirts and riding gear than I know what to do with, 2 bikes and artificial body parts. Thanks Otto Brothers!

To you John, I say thank you for the gift, at least that is what I will call it from now on.

Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or Festivus or whatever you honor this time of year and a Happy New Year to all of you and your families.