San Manuel Dual Sport, Dirt Bike and Motorcycle Museum Event, May 7, 2022

TRS hosted this extremely successful event in San Manuel on Saturday. We staged for the ride in the parking lot of JWJ Cycles Motorcycle Museum. Parish Traweek (Museum owner and local Renaissance man) and his staff welcomed us to their establishment and offered outstanding hospitality. They really made us feel at home.

Almost 30 riders were on hand at the RTR time of 8:00am. Some chose the Dual Sport route others the Copper Classic racecourse and the hard core “heat doesn’t bother me” group explored the trails north of Webb Road.

There was some time to view the extensive collection of bikes in the museum before the rides, but plenty of time to do so afterwards. What great way to wind down after ride, a cool drink in one hand, a slice of pizza in the other and reviewing the historic bike collection and associated stories that were documented throughout the museum. If you look closely, you found a picture of a young Jerry Kyle at race pace and a Carlos Serrano autographed Maico dirt bike.

Parish encouraged me to host more events at the museum in the future and I can’t disagree. The atmosphere there is perfect. He plans to continue to develop the property with food service and overnight accommodation (casitas).

So please plan to join us at the next event at the museum, you won’t’ be disappointed.


San Manuel Dual-Sport and Dirt Bike Ride !

Date: Saturday, May 7, 2022

RTR Time: 8:00am

Staging Location: JWJ Cycles parking lot. 102 W Main St, San Manuel, AZ 85631 (this is the location of the soon to be opened motorcycle museum)

Ride Description: A TRS member and their friend’s ride. 75 mile Dual-Sport route.
Dirt bikes on Copper Classic course or other choices. Family friendly.
Kids can ride on the CC “Mini” course. Pizza Party after the ride.

TRS will provide cool drinks and a pizza lunch post ride.

Hope to see you there!

TRS Social Gathering and Club Meeting

Date: Tuesday April 12th

Time: 6:30pm

Place: MotoSonora

Address: 1015 S Park Ave, Tucson, AZ 85719

Gather in the outside patio with a cool drink and bench race about your recent dirt bike rides and hear about upcoming TRS club activities. You are allowed to bring in your own food if you like. A food truck is on site.

Likely topics to be discussed
· Copper Classic recap
· Baja rides
· Sky Island Adventure ride
· April, Red Spring Trail camp & ride
· May, San Manuel Dual Sport ride
· On Any Sunday movie
· TRS financials

Please RSVP

Copper Classic and Motorcycle Museum

The Copper Classic Racecourse is Staked and marked ready for directional signs and pink ribbons.

Well, at least the Big Bike course. The Mini Course will be staked, marked, signed, and ribboned Thursday.

Thanks to the 10 TRS members who made it all happen today!

Before leaving San Manuel today, Gary Meeker, Tim McGuire and I met local legend (Desert racer, pilot, flight instructor…) Parrish Traweek at the La Casita restaurant. After some small talk, he invited us to come over and visit his motorcycle museum, JWJ Cylces. Tim had to head back home, but Gary and I accepted the offer.

Although the museum is not ready for the public, the state of the inventory is amazing. All types of bike types, from trials, to dirt, to street he has them all. Some hanging from the ceiling, others mounted on the wall. Parrish is an amazing dynamo, he has his hand in so many different activities and after listening for a while I asked him when he has time to sleep and eat. We spent over a half hour talking bikes and potential projects to support motorcycling in the area.

Now here is some very interested stuff. He would like to arrange a meeting with him, TRS, a Pinal County Supervisor and BHP Copper to begin serious discussions about establishing a new Copper Classic racecourse. The aim is to get off Az. State Trust Land, thereby reducing the cost of liability insurance.

But that’s not all. He is also wanting to support TRS with Dual Sport and Adventure bike rides and or events. He welcomes us to stage from his business property. Eventually he will have a few B&B’s on site to support riders. He even offered the use of his secured storage lot for any purpose in the future.

Gary, please chime in with the details I may have missed.

I hope this message is of interest to you.

The Copper Classic Will Be Here Soon!

Welcome banners have been made and will be posted around the race campus in San Manuel on race weekend. (See the example below) These banners are being paid for with grant funds received from the Pinal County Office of Tourism (thanks Mike Cook). Their logo will be appearing on race fliers, t-shirts, banners, and other printed materials used to promote or support our race.

I hope you have plans to volunteer on the days before and or on race weekend. We can never have too much help.
Please let Todd Davis know of your plans if you have not already done so.

Send Todd Davis at text message at 520-360-5264.


Red Spring Trail Maintenance

The Coronado National Forest has arranged to have a professional trail maintenance crew available this coming week to perform some improvement work to the Red Spring Trail. We can participate by providing insight from a dirt bike rider’s perspective and do some light duty brush trimming while they do the heavy lifting. Granted, this is late notice and mid week work, but there is a growing list of retired members who might have time to commit to this effort.

Details from Gary Meeker.

TRS, come join the ACE (Arizona Conservation Experience) trail building/maintenance crew to perform some Red Spring Trail maintenance. 

Date: Wednesday Feb. 9th. 
Time: 8:00 AM, RTR
Location: Meet at the Hunters Parking area 

Bring your bike, riding gear and brush trimming tools. This effort will be spread over at least 3 days. The ACE crew will be working on a spot North of Coyote Well on 482. This first day the ACE crew probably won’t be doing much work, just scouting the work and meeting with George and Gary on the work we would like done. TRS will be doing some brushing along various sections of trail, and then checking back in with the ACE crew from time to time. Pack a lunch.

Gary 520-269-3581

Red Spring Trail (RST) Trash Clean Up

Twelve (12) Trail Riders of Southern Arizona (TRS) members and a representative from the US Forest Service, Nogales Ranger District met at the RST staging area before 9AM on Saturday morning 1-29-2022. After a quick check-in, safety talk and review of the day’s objective, the entire crew headed out to begin our assault on the trash left behind on sections for RST #482. About half of the crew went up to the northern section of #482 near Coyote Corral & Windmill where the trail crosses Forest Road #4139. The other half of the crew visited a section of #482 located south of Forest Road #4136 to collect trail trash.

By about 11:30AM the crews met up to load the last of the trash bags into the Forest Service truck. One club member made this comment about the trash haul, “If we estimate 36 bags at ~ 20 pounds each, the 13-man team from TRS removed around 700 pounds of trash!” Now this might not sound like much to some, but keep in mind, the filled trash bags had to be carried on the rider’s dirt bike across some technical single track a mile or more before reaching the drop off point along a main road. (Actually, we might have innocently discovered be a good trail riding skills improvement technique)

After the truck was loaded, we all headed back to the staging area. Some stopped at the Longhorn Horn Grill and Saloon in Amado for lunch.

Thanks to all who volunteered and to the Forest Service for supporting this effort. A job well done!

John (USFS)
Yours Truly


Copper Classic Race Flier

Special Notes & Items of Extra Emphasis: There will be a $10/vehicle camping fee this year. All camping fee proceeds go directly to support the San Manuel Schools. There is NOT a Gate Fee. Our Tech Inspection will be strictly enforcing the sound check and spark arrestor requirements. Don’t wait until the day before the race to get you bike compliant, do it now!

No camping fee for TRS members.

Red Spring Trail Trash Clean Up Day

Date: Saturday January 29

Time: 9:00am

Place: The Red Spring Trail system in the Tumacacori Mountains on the west side of I-19 near Tubac Az.

Where Will We Meet? At the Official Red Spring Trail Staging area, just off Forest Service Road # 684. This Staging area is about 4 miles in from the I-19 West Side Frontage Road access point. Some like to park at the Hunters Access parking area a few hundred yards in from the Frontage Road rather than driving all the way to the RST Staging area. The choice is yours but be at the RST Staging area before 9am.

What do you bring? Your riding gear, bike, hydration pack and a snack.

What will we do? Have a quick Safety Meeting with the Forest Service and issue working supplies. Ride our bikes to the trail spots in need of our attention. Pick up trash left along designated Red Spring Trail routes by visitors to this area. Drop the filled trash bags along the main roads for the Forest Service to collect in their trucks.

Along with Trail Riders of Southern Arizona, the USFS, Nogales Ranger District will be supporting this effort. Here is a chance to give back to your sport, please consider joining us.