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Navigation suggestions:

There are a lot of options out there for adding some type of GPS based navigation system to your bike. This is one, low-cost option.

A ruggedized phone that is not activated for cell phone service. You load navigation apps via WiFi. DO NOT use your good high dollar cell phone, the vibration will kill the camera very quickly, followed by total phone failure. Even the ruggedized phone will probably have its camera fail.


Then on longer rides you will find the battery won’t last the whole ride. Ryan Harrington suggested this option and I am now running it on both my bikes.

They have one for each of the different types of USB connector on the phone, be sure to pick the correct one.


Apps for the phone, I am partial to Avenza, TRS has a catalog of custom maps available in the Avenza store, they are hidden from the general public. Most are free. All the National Forest MVUMs are available for free in the Avenza Store.

Some use GAIA, others use OnX and there are others.

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