There Must Be A Santa Claus

Someone affiliated with the Trail Riders of Southern Arizona made an anonymous donation to the East Santa Cruz County Community Food bank in Patagonia some days after our event There Will Be Dust IX. I received acknowledgement of this extremely generous donation just yesterday from the Manager of the Food Bank, Jim Staudacher. In his email to me he wrote. I redacted the name of the account to protect the donor’s identity

The generosity of your wonderful members knows no bounds.

In the mail I received a check for a $2500 donation “In Honor of TRSAZ” from an anonymous donor through XXXXXX YYYY to our Food Bank. After your repeated generosity donating money as well as food items, now this. I am in awe of the selflessness and altruism of your members.

Words fail me in expressing my personal thanks and admiration of you and your organization. Please know you are doing real good in the world helping your fellow man.


East Santa Cruz County Community Food Bank
P.O.Box 1147
Patagonia, AZ 85624
(520) 302-4450


As the result of a very successful There Will Be Dust IX, TRS is pleased to announce a donation will be made to the East Santa Cruz County Community Food Bank located in Patagonia in the amount of $2,600!

This donation could not have been possible without the support of the riders, shop sponsors (Tucker Powersports, AZKKT, CSA, On Any Moto, Serrano’s Motorsports, Giant Loop & ZMW Adventures) the town of Patagonia and the long list of TRS volunteers.

A very sincere thank you to all who contributed to this success.

-TRS Volunteers- (if I missed someone please let me know)
Adam Johnston
Alan Harris
Allyn Hill
Chris Bouchard
Craig Wilburn
Dennis Wise
Derek Godwin
Ed Wood
Gary Meeker
Jenny Hadfield
Jim Giesler
Jim Roberts
Joey Rosas
John Bingham
Ken Webb
Mike Cook
Molly Norman
Rick Ogas
Rod Harris
Ryan Harrington
Starr Walker
Todd Davis
Tom Norris
Will Hastings

Happy Holidays,