Safe OHV Operation in the Desert – Know Before you Go!

OHV recreation occurs all over the country on all sorts of terrains. Many lucky OHV recreationists will have the opportunity to experience riding on trails in heavily wooded areas, areas with serious exposure in mountainous areas or in open plains. Others yet will have the opportunity to ride on dunes or through the desert. Each type of area has its unique safety concerns – this article focuses on desert safety.

NOHVCC recently spoke with Brian Puckett who is a paramedic and leads search and rescue operations for the Bureau of Land Management’s El Centro Field Office in California, which manages the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area. Brian leads a team of five permanent staff who are bolstered with seasonal help during the busy winter season. The team responds to 400 calls a year and deal with a vast range of injuries. Brian said, “Everything from splinter removal to serious traumatic injuries – we see it all.”

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New Study Reveals 6.35 Million Acres of Western State Lands Are Landlocked

This week, onX and the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership revealed the stunning results of a collaboration to quantify how many acres of state lands across the West are entirely landlocked by private land and, therefore, inaccessible to hunters, anglers, and other outdoor recreationists.

This is the anticipated follow-up to last year’s study of federally managed public lands, which showed that more than 9.52 million federal acres have no permanent legal access because they are isolated by private lands.

The Findings on State Land

Using today’s leading mapping technologies, more than 6.35 million acres of state lands across 11 states in the American West were identified as landlocked by private lands. The detailed findings are now available in a new report, “Inaccessible State Lands in the West: The Extent of the Landlocked Problem and the Tools to Fix It,” which also unpacks how this problem is rooted in the history of the region.

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Registration is open for NOHVCC’s 2019 Annual Conference in Reno, Nevada.

2019 Annual NOHVCC and INOHVAA Conferences, October 15-19, 2019, Reno, Nevada

This year NOHVCC and INOHVAA will visit Reno, NV October 15-19.  The conferences will follow the typical schedule that will be familiar to many of you. After preliminary activities on the 15th, the INOHVAA conference will begin sessions on the 16th, a mobile field workshop for attendees of both conferences on Thursday, October 17, joint INOHVAA/NOHVCC sessions on Friday, October 18 and, finally, the NOHVCC conference will conclude with sessions on Saturday and a banquet on Saturday evening.

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6 Solutions For Managing Multi-Use Trails And Conflict

American Trails hosted a panel of experts to discuss multi-use trails and conflict at the 2019 International Trails Symposium and Training Institute. These experts included Scott Linnenburger of Kay-Linn Enterprises and Professional Trailbuilders Association , Danielle Fowles of Tread Lightly!, Chelle Grald of AERC Trailmaster & Vermont Trails Advocate, Cam Lockwood of Trails Unlimited, and Steve Salisbury of American Motorcyclist Association. The panel was moderated by Karen Umphress, principal of UP! Outside and project manager with Great Outdoor Consultants.

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United States Trade Representative proposes tariffs on select European motorcycles, parts, accessories

The Office of United States Trade Representative has proposed 100 percent tariffs on motorcycles imported from countries in the European Union with an engine size between 500cc and 700cc, along with parts and accessories.

The AMA is joining others in the motorcycling community to oppose the latest ill-conceived proposal — part of a dispute over aircraft subsidies — which would cause serious, and potentially irreversible, harm to American small- and medium-sized business owners selling the motorcycles, parts and accessories.

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NOHVCC Survey: Help NOHVCC Understand Which Retailers OHV Enthusiasts Patronize

Please fill in the brief survey found here to help NOHVCC better understand which retailers OHV enthusiasts are most likely to patronize.  Any personal information will be confidential as only aggregated data will be utilized.  The purpose of collecting this information is to better understand how and where OHV enthusiasts as a group engage in the marketplace.   This, in turn, will help NOHVCC better identify potential corporate partners and sponsors.

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  I’m sure some of us have a vintage street bike, maybe two. A good ride for a good purpose is coming .

 The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride…

Arizona Kawasaki KTM Triumph Tucson (AZKKT) is relaying this invitation on behalf of the local organizers of the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride here in Tucson to invite you to join in this event on Sunday morning, September 29, 2019.

Forest Service Could Roll Back 93% of Public Comment Periods

Almost anytime there’s a chance for you to weigh in with land managers about an important decision—from trying to fight off mining in the headwaters of the Boundary Waters to the creation of a new management plan for your local National Forest—that opportunity exists because of a law called the National Environmental Policy Act, or NEPA. Right now, the Forest Service is proposing big changes to the way it implements the law that could drastically roll back your say in how public lands are managed.

At its core, NEPA does two main things. First, it requires that major federal actions are analyzed for their effects on the environment and on recreation—basically just requiring informed decision making. Second, NEPA ensures that the American people get to have a say in those decisions—public participation. NEPA is arguably the most important law for environmental quality and public lands management in the U.S. since it requires that we measure the impact of big changes to public lands – like building a new mine or enlarging a parking lot – and study the potential impacts on air and water quality, recreation access, potential pollution, and more.

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NEW MEXICO – Cibola NF Releases Draft Management Plan & DEIS

The Cibola National Forest has announced the release of the draft land management plan and associated Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). The Notice of Availability (NOA) for the Cibola NF DEIS was published in the Federal Register on August 9, 2019, which initiates the 90-day comment period from August 9, 2019, to November 7, 2019. The NOA is available on the EPA Federal Register site at the following link here

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