Riding Areas & Maps

Meeting Other Riders

We have a very diverse collection of riders, all skill levels, ages, type of riding, etc. So getting connected with riders of similar needs can be difficult. TRS leadership will advertise “get to know other riders” events during the year. Such as an old slow guys ride, or a go fast guys ride, or a Dual Sport dirt road ride, trials rider, etc.

In an organization with over 100 members, there are many small groups of riders that ride together a lot and they don’t post the rides. Example, Gary Meeker, George Wysopal and Craig Wilburn ride together a lot. We are all in our early 60’s, prefer to ride more technical trails at brisk trail riding pace. Other groups ride at Marana lots. So if you want to find a group that you are compatible with, watch postings or post something on our Facebook page.

Members can equally post a ride on the Forum or Facebook page.

Prime Riding Areas

  • San Manuel, sight of our race and also has some very technical trails that we don’t race on.
  • Marana, lots of flowing single track.
  • Red Spring, an extensive network of single-track trails created by TRS with the Forest Service.
  • Redington Pass, one ATV trail and lots of jeep roads, very rocky.

Local & State Riding Laws

AZ requires OHVs obtain OHV Sticker.

State Trust Land, much of the riding in AZ is across AZ State Trust Land, a permit is required, and all the other basic OHV requirements, Spark Arrestor, 96db Muffler, etc.

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