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TRS’ September 12, 2023 Meeting Notes

1. Still seeking a volunteer for the role of Admin/Secretary Officer.
2. Financials: Mike Cook reviewed our current balances which are still very strong. Our 2022 tax report is being processed by our accountant.
3. Reviewed the status of There Will Be Dust II, Dual Sport ride and food bank fundraiser.
a. Event day is Saturday November 18th.
b. Change from last meeting. Not able to use the foodbank property for the staging/parking/camping area. Will use locations in the town of Patagonia, as we have in the past.
c. Expect the on-line registration to be opened this week.
d. Flier ready to promote the event.
e. Volunteer support needed. Emails will be sent to the membership seeking support on specific assignments.
4. Coronado National Forest Report
a. New informational signs posted in Redington Pass to educate gun enthusiasts about the dangers of shooting near moto trails. Please report back to TRS or the Forest Service should you find signs being defaced or damaged. Gary posted a map on the TRS FB page which identifies where the signs have been posted. See map below.
b. Red Spring Trail kiosk project. Tread Lightly & USFS working out format detail. TRS will follow up with the Forest Service to clarify which organization will finalize the sign content and design.
c. Forest Service MVUM (Motor Vehicle Use Map), Gary is submitting input for known errors. USFS in making MVUM corrections. If you find any MVUM errors let Gary know.
d. Red Spring Trail Phase II. Awaiting assignment of new Nogales Ranger District Recreation Officer. TRS has submitted a project proposal and map for Phase II.
e. Patagonia Mountain Single track proposal. Pending priority. TRS was encouraged to contact Zac at the Sierra Vista Ranger District in October to obtain the current status.
f. USFS identifying and remediating abandoned mines on the Sierra Vista Ranger District. One right off the trail on FR 4694 in the Patagonia Mountains is a priority concern for TRS. The mine opening is just feet off the trail of FR 4694.
5. Rider Reports
a. Watched ride videos from Shawn Barney. Colorado trip and rides in San Manuel. Video. Chris B. proved dirt bikes can fly without a pilot.
6. Old Business
a. First Aid and CPR training
i. Date Saturday October 21. Time, 8am. Location TBD.
ii. Course is 4 hours long.
iii. Once a final head count is determined, a TRS subsidy amount will be announced.
7. Tech Tip: Long List. A long list was reviewed. Here is a sample of what was reviewed.
a. When installing a new cable, route the new one along the old one before pulling the old one out.
b. An old saying is, “when about to crash, hit the gas. In some cases, it could straighten out the bike. Sometimes it won’t .
c. In corners, look and face your shoulders in the direction you want to go.
d. Occasionally inspect, clean, and lube your brake caliper pins. This allows the brake pads to center themselves properly.
e. Don’t ride alone.
8. The raffle party ended the meeting.

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