There Will Be Dust

Over 80 rides and over 100 total in attendance had an outstanding time at There Will Be Dust VI. TRS thanks the town of Patagonia, Arizona State Parks, the USFS and all the volunteers, friend and families that made this event a huge success.

TRS wishes to send a special thanks to all the sponsors of TWBD.

• On Any Moto
• Serrano Motorsports
• Tread Lightly
• Anonymous

Also to the town of Patagonia and the business there that welcomed and support this great group of dirt bike riders.

• The Gathering Downs
• Stage Stop Inn
• Wild Horse Restaurant
• Wagon Wheel
and several Bed & Breakfasts as well!

If you could not make it this year, save the date November 23 2019 for There Will Be Dust VII.

Registration, Membership, Renewals!

First off, as I said in the club meeting Tuesday November 13, 2018. You should have received one, two, or no emails regarding your account, and membership. Everyone I had info on, and could find old payments via paypal have their accounts created. This means, if you got the first email with your login details. You have an account. If you did not receive a second email stating that a “Yearly Membership” has been added to your account, than your membership is expired. If you did not receive any emails, than I could not find any information for you. Please either use the contact button on the site, or email Me directly with when you think you last paid, or if you know your membership is expired you can go through the membership process as a new member. 

This post is now going live because you can now signup, and renew your membership through the membership tab. There are two options, one is auto-renewing, and one is not. Make sure you pay attention to this during checkout.