Registration, Membership, Renewals!

First off, as I said in the club meeting Tuesday November 13, 2018. You should have received one, two, or no emails regarding your account, and membership. Everyone I had info on, and could find old payments via paypal have their accounts created. This means, if you got the first email with your login details. You have an account. If you did not receive a second email stating that a “Yearly Membership” has been added to your account, than your membership is expired. If you did not receive any emails, than I could not find any information for you. Please either use the contact button on the site, or email Me directly with when you think you last paid, or if you know your membership is expired you can go through the membership process as a new member. 

This post is now going live because you can now signup, and renew your membership through the membership tab. There are two options, one is auto-renewing, and one is not. Make sure you pay attention to this during checkout.

New Site, New Host

Welcome to our new site, and our new host. We would like to personally thank DreamHost for providing hosting services for our club! Be aware that some features are disabled as we move our domain into the new site. As DNS is done populating, and I have a chance to make sure that everything works as intended, I will be enabling them one-by-one. First and for most, our new member sign up, and membership renewal pages.

If you are wondering how you will gain access to your account, you will receive an email with account details, and most likely a link to re-set your password before you can log in. If you notice any discrepancies with your account, please send a contact form submission, or go see Will Hastings, at the next club meeting to get it resolved!