Stage 2 Fire Restrictions

After I posted the notice from the USFS about Stage 2 Fire Restrictions, a fellow club member asked for my reaction to this statement of prohibitions “…operating any internal combustion engine off designated roadways…”. Sounds like no off-roading motorcycles to me.”

So, I contacted Dana Backer of the USFS. I said, “I believe we at TRS have asked for clarification on this in years past. In the Fire Restriction notice it is stated that “…operating any internal combustion engine off designated roadways…” is prohibited. TRS understands that if we ride our motorcycles on officially designated MVUM routes or trails we are not in violation of the Stage 2 Fire Restriction guidance.” Please advise.

A response from Steven Miranda, Chief 5, Fire and Aviation Staff Officer, Forest Service, Coronado National Forest was received this morning. Yes, we are still allowed to ride our motorcycles on MVUM routes or trails during the Stage 2 Fire Restrictions.

For your reference I have attached the signed action letter from the Coronado Forest Supervisor, Mr. Kerwin Dewberry and associated fire restrictions map.


San Manuel Dual Sport, Dirt Bike and Motorcycle Museum Event, May 7, 2022

TRS hosted this extremely successful event in San Manuel on Saturday. We staged for the ride in the parking lot of JWJ Cycles Motorcycle Museum. Parish Traweek (Museum owner and local Renaissance man) and his staff welcomed us to their establishment and offered outstanding hospitality. They really made us feel at home.

Almost 30 riders were on hand at the RTR time of 8:00am. Some chose the Dual Sport route others the Copper Classic racecourse and the hard core “heat doesn’t bother me” group explored the trails north of Webb Road.

There was some time to view the extensive collection of bikes in the museum before the rides, but plenty of time to do so afterwards. What great way to wind down after ride, a cool drink in one hand, a slice of pizza in the other and reviewing the historic bike collection and associated stories that were documented throughout the museum. If you look closely, you found a picture of a young Jerry Kyle at race pace and a Carlos Serrano autographed Maico dirt bike.

Parish encouraged me to host more events at the museum in the future and I can’t disagree. The atmosphere there is perfect. He plans to continue to develop the property with food service and overnight accommodation (casitas).

So please plan to join us at the next event at the museum, you won’t’ be disappointed.