Gun Range in Redington Pass

Coronado National Forest Receives Special Use Permit
Application for Shooting Range in Redington Pass

TUCSON, AZ, June 9, 2020 – The Coronado National Forest (Forest) has received an application from the Tucson Rod and Gun Club (TRGC) for a Special Use Permit to construct, operate, and maintain a shooting range in Redington Pass on the Santa Catalina Ranger District.
The application submitted by TRGC proposes a shooting range that would be built in phases and includes the following improvements: a shotgun range with a variety of shooting stations, shooting stands, and clay target throwers; a firearms safety training range; an individual marksmanship rifle and pistol range; a group marksmanship range for organized group training and shooting; an archery range; a simulated hunt trail; and an outdoor education area. Additional proposed improvements include shade ramadas, vault toilets, a solar-powered water well, and a portable metal container for storage and office space.
The Forest has not yet begun any environmental analysis on this proposal. In accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), should that process begin, the public will have multiple opportunities to comment on this proposal during the designated scoping, comment and objection periods, as part of the pre-decisional review process described in 36 CFR 218, Subparts A and B.
If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback on this application, you may email the Santa Catalina Ranger District at with the Subject titled: “Tucson Rod and Gun Club.” To sign up to receive notifications as part of any future NEPA process, you may subscribe at…/coronado/landmanagement/projects .

TRS Lends a Hand

Responding to a social media message from a parent in San Manuel, Arizona concerning the unfortunate theft of her daughters’ bicycle, the Trail Riders of Southern Arizona (TRS) immediately sprang into action to make things right. The daughter’s bicycle that she worked so hard for was stolen in this small community and she was devastated.

As frequent contributors to the community in which we ride, host community events, and perform volunteer clean-up’s, TRS felt it was incumbent that they immediately raise funds within our membership to help-out the small community of San Manuel. Within two days of making the event known to the TRS membership, the necessary funds were collected, and a local bicycle shop provided a discount on a brand-new bike.

TRS has a special bond with the residents of San Manuel where it hosts the annual San Manuel Copper Classic, a statewide motorcycle race as part of the Arizona Motorcycle Riders Association State Championship Series (AMRA) and wanted to immediately respond to the community.

On the morning of Sunday June 7th. representatives from TRS met the young girl and her family and delivered the new bike. The young girl and family were ecstatic and surprised with the outpouring of generosity exhibited by TRS members.

TRS thanks all club members who were able to contribute to this worthy cause. It feels great to be part of a good news story during these very difficult times.
TRS members in photo from left to right; Mike Cook, Shawn Barney, George Wysopal and Tim McGuire
(Photo credit to Rich Broeker)

OHV Decal Problems at DMV

Thanks to TRS member Steve for sharing.

Not sure if this has come to attention yet, but since the DMV has transitioned online renewal from to their new site, AZMVDNow, their
is a problem.

When trying to renew an OHV registration online, the site states that the tags are
permanent and do not require renewal. This is false of course. After two hours on
hold with three different reps, I finally got an appointment to appear at the east side
DMV office.

I paid my $26 there, and several days later, received the ‘registration’ in the mail.
The registration has no expiration date and the decal reads “NO DECAL”.
I called DMV (another 45 minutes on hold), and a level 2 rep finally informed me that
there is no fix for this right now, and that I should print out my receipt from the
website and carry that with me, as all AZ law enforcement agencies have supposedly
been made aware of this error.

Sorry if this is old news, just wanted you to be aware.

Another Dirt Bike First

Last night via Zoom Meeting, representatives from all known Tucson local dirt bike groups / clubs met to discuss establishing a routine meeting to discuss needs, concerns and possible projects related to off-road dirt bike riding on the Coronado National Forest. These “dirt bike” meetings will take place in between the quarterly OHV Partners meeting TRS attends with the Coronado National Forest Supervisor and Staff. As an OHV Partner with the Coronado National Forest, TRS is chartered to represents dirt bike interests for all user groups at these quarterly meetings.

This new meeting arrangement has the potential to improve our influence over local dirt bike issues on the Coronado with the strength of a collective voice. Meeting notes will be published in a separate post, stand by for news.

OHV Economic Study – Please Read

A new report is now available from Arizona State Parks and Trails and the University of Arizona highlighting the economic value of trails to Arizona residents, based on the benefits to those using them. The report estimates statewide demand for motorized and non-motorized trails and highlights the importance of providing trail-based recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

I have not read the whole study yet, it is long, but here is a snap shot of some key facts.

• In the past year, Arizonans used trails in the state for non-motorized recreation an estimated 83,110,000 times, and for motorized recreation an estimated 20,117,000 times.
• An estimated 59.2% of Arizona’s adult population (or 3,073,100 Arizonans) engaged in non- motorized trail use in the past year, and an estimated 24.4% of the adult population (1,263,600 Arizonans) engaged in motorized trail use in the past year. Some trail users participate in both non-motorized and motorized trail recreation.
• Non-motorized trail users averaged 27.0 trail visits in the past year, and motorized trail users averaged 15.9 trail visits. Economic value of trails in Arizona
• The economic value (consumer surplus) derived from non-motorized trail use in Arizona by in- state residents, based on a midpoint estimate, is $8.3 billion per year, with model estimates ranging between $6.2 billion and $10.6 billion. The economic value (consumer surplus) derived from motorized trail use in Arizona by in-state residents is an estimated $5.2 billion per year.
• Per visit consumer surplus for non-motorized trail use ranged between $90.32 and $128.03, depending on travel cost model assumptions, with a midpoint estimate of $100.06.
• Per visit consumer surplus for motorized trail use was an estimated $259.17.

Here is a link to get the whole study, check it out.

Special TRS Message

Greetings TRS!

I hope this message finds you well and calm considering the overwhelming attention being paid to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the near term, please emphasize, practice and promote healthy habits. I expect we will see many more changes to our social habits and norms in the months to come. In fact, it is reasonable to expect some of the changes recently enacted may become the normal process in the future.

The primary purpose of this message is to let you know your club Officers/Board of Directors are keeping the engine of TRS in good shape and running. Here is a short list of what is going on inside and around TRS.

• TRS Officers will be conducting a Zoom meeting on Monday April 6th. to keep in touch and keep your club engine running.
• There will not be a club meeting as previously scheduled for April 14th due to the Governor’s Executive Order (2020-18) closing all restaurants and restricting large group meetings.
• You can continue to ride per the same Executive Order – outdoor recreation is permitted, just comply with social distance and group size guidelines.
• Check you email for a message from Rich Baker regarding expired memberships. During a very busy time period between November of 2019 and through March of 2020 (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and Copper Classic) several club memberships have lapsed. Very understandable, but if you are late, please renew.
• We have several new members in TRS and to you a special welcome aboard. If in fact you have recently joined TRS, please let Tim McGuire know your club t-shirt size and if you want your 2ea. club decals. These items can be packaged up and provided at our next club meeting or earlier if you make different arrangements with Tim.
o Tim’s email:
• On Thursday April 9th. TRS will be participating in the Coronado National Forest Supervisor OHV Partnership meeting. This meeting will take place via “TEAMS” a virtual meeting application.
• Preliminary planning work has begun on the Red Spring Trail Phase II. TRS must submit a formal project letter of intent to be sure the Forest Service recognizes this project for future internal planning activities.

Take care and be safe. See you on the trail soon.


Message from the Coronado National Forest, Supervisor’s Office.

TRS received this message today from the Coronado National Forest, Supervisor’s Office.

Dear Partners,

I want to reach out and let you know that Coronado National Forest continues to value your partnership and engagement during these unprecedented times. For obvious reasons, the Forest has been pre-occupied with implementing CDC guidelines, providing public health and safety for its employees and visitors, and dealing with the uncertainty and challenges we are all facing under the COVID-19 outbreak.

We appreciate your patience and the time and space you have given us to manage the situation. The Coronado National Forest offices are virtually open and most all of the staff are teleworking or working in the field under CDC and USDA guidelines. Most of the Forest remains open to visitors while there are closures of developed recreational sites. I encourage you to check the Coronado National Forest website for the most up to date information and press releases.

If you have any questions about your partnership agreement or your group activities on the Forest please contact the respective district or if you have a special use permit, the special use permit manager, or me. If you are having difficulty reaching a Forest Service staff member, I can try and assist you. My cell phone number is 520-419-9567.

Thank you and please stay healthy.

Dana Backer

Partnership Coordinator
Coronado National Forest – Supervisor’s Office

Bulldog Canyon OHV Update

From the latest AMA News Letter

PAYSON, Ariz. – The Tonto National Forest, Mesa Ranger District, is discontinuing paper permits due to increased demand from visitors to the popular Bulldog Canyon OHV area. Those wishing to visit the area are instead required to obtain a permit online through This transition to an online system also means the public will no longer will have to travel to the district office to obtain a permit. The online process includes a $6 administrative fee. Additionally, while past permits allowed up to five additional household members to be added to the permit, each OHV operator, age 16 or older, will now need a permit on hand while riding in the Bulldog Canyon OHV area. Passengers not operating motorized vehicles in the permit area will not need a permit. To reserve a permit on, search for ‘Tonto National Forest Off-Highway Vehicle Permit’ and follow the prompts to purchase and then print the permit. The permit will include six months of gate code combinations to unlock access gates to the Bulldog Canyon OHV area.

For more information, contact the Mesa Ranger District, (480) 610-3300 from 8 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. weekdays.

You can also visit for information regarding access points.

Coronado National Forest Recreational Access.

TRS contacted the Coronado National Forest Office in Tucson over the weekend to confirm the Coronado National Forest is in fact open to recreation. This request was made to counter faulty news report stating the Forest was closed. For those who have been visiting this FB page know, the Forest Is OPEN to recreation. There are restrictions to group size gatherings which are in line with CDC recommendations, and closures of Developed Recreational sites

The Coronado National Forest representative contacted by TRS, Dana Backer, recommended the following.

“Thanks for bringing this to our attention. At a time with so much uncertainty, misinformation can be detrimental. We ask the public to refer to the official press releases on our website for the correct information.”

Stay well.

Monitor this link for updates: