TRS Donates to San Manuel

Copper Town Association Inc.
-Pictures and text by Richard

The Mammoth-San Manuel Community Schools was presented with a donation of $3,000 today from Trail Riders of Southern Arizona (TRS). TRS annually holds their San Manuel Copper Classic off-road motorcycle race in San Manuel each March and uses it as a fundraiser.

Various student activities will benefit from TRS’s generous gift that include sports clinics or food for sports clinics and field trips. It will also help students without financial means to participate.

L to R: Chuck Ivy of TRS, Lisa Armenta (Schools Director) & George Wysopal of TRS.

The San Manuel Fire Department received a donation check for $700 from Trail Riders of Southern Arizona (TRS) that hosts the annual San Manuel Copper Classic off-road motorcycle race each March.

The donation will help the fire department with things like training, equipment and supplies.

L to R: Louis Madrid (firefighter), Gabe Velasquez (firefighter), Chuck Ivy of TRS, Ernest Ivy (assistant fire chief) and George Wysopal of TRS.

Vintage Bikes For Sale

Message from club member Jim Roberts

“Bonneville Salt Flats Project”, my fully restored 1957 T20 Show Bike, and the 1962 T20SS highly modified Trials Competition Bike”
ALSO Jim said, “I am offering a “finders fee” of $100.00 to any member who sends along a buyer for either of my Cubs”

Az. State Trust Land Non- Urban Project

Arizona State Trust Land Department (AZSTLD) received OHV grant funding from Arizona State Parks & Trails OHV Program for a Non-Urban Lands project. One intent of the project is to establish rules and guidelines for OHV recreational activities. To quote Lisa Atkins, AZSTL Commissioner Lisa Atkins, “A Key component of the plan will be guidelines for OHV uses, including the designation of areas open to OHV use, the types of uses that would be authorized, and other appropriate measures to actively manage and provide an enforcement component of these activities…”

TRS received a letter inviting us to participate in a Non-Urban Lands Project Stakeholder Group. At this time, it is not clear exactly what our level of participation in the project will be, but TRS certainly will apply the best resources to match the demands of the project.

More information will be provided as it becomes available. So, stay tuned!

Red Spring Trail Maintenance Day April 3, 2021

Red Spring Trail Maintenance Day April 3, 2021

The day started promptly at 8AM with eight (8) TRS volunteers participating in the trail maintenance workday. We finished around 11:00am, well before it got too warm. Thanks to Troy R, Mike C, Gary, Diego, Alvaro, Noah, Jonathan S. and yours truly for taking time to tend to our trail system.

The Trail Crew was focused and efficient today. We made quick work of trimming back trailside brush, removing some larger tree limbs to allow room overhead so you wouldn’t smack your helmet as your rode by and even trimmed down a small stump or two along the way. Using some natural materials (rock, tree limbs and brush) we added some visual controls at a couple of corners to improve your ability to navigate a tight corner or trail intersection. We only moved a few rocks off the trail when absolutely necessary. In total we improved the trail along 3.76 miles of TR (Single Track Trail) #483 and TR #482 between FR (Forest Service Road) #4136 and FR #684.

Hope you can join us at the next trail maintenance day or at the upcoming Trash Clean-up day on Saturday April 24th.


2021 Copper Classic

I wish to express my appreciation to all the TRS members, their families and friends for their outstanding support of the 2021 Copper Classic Re-Start Enduro held in San Manuel on Saturday March 6th. The event was a huge success!

Although all the final scoring results have yet to be tabulated, it appears we have established a new attendance record for the Copper Classic with a Big Bike racer attendance count of ~270 and Mini Racers over 40.

A special thanks goes to this year’s Race Director Todd Davis. He had the extremely difficult assignment of managing most all scheduling and planning activities. Great job Todd!
After the Big Bike Race, all of those able to stay the night, enjoyed a catered dinner meal with a raffle party afterwards. A big thanks goes to our moto shop sponsors for the raffle items. (On Any Moto, CSA, Tucker Motorsports and AZKKT)

A more comprehensive report will be published in a few days.

Arizona State Trust Land – Moto Use

Here is some good news form Az. State Parks & Trails about moto plans on State Trust Land. If TRS makes the final selection, we need to be ready to participate.
Good evening. As you may know, the State Land Department has been awarded funds to develop a Non-Urban Plan for trails on their properties. Recently the project lead reached out to Arizona State Parks and Trails for recommendations on a few organizations/individuals that could provide valuable input towards this project’s success. I am writing you today to inform you that I have provided the project lead with your contact information and they MIGHT reach out for input during the course of the project. As always, we appreciate your dedication to Arizona’s off-highway vehicle community and will stay in touch. Take care and ride safe.

Matthew Eberhart
State Off-Highway Vehicle Coordinator
Arizona State Parks & Trails
23751 N 23rd Ave, Suite 190
Phoenix, AZ 85085
(602) 542-2146
1-877-MY-PARKS |

Newbie Ride of 1-31-21 a Hit!

THANK YOU, everyone. It was a beautiful day for a ride.
We had about 50 riders show up on everything from a TW200 to an R1250GS… and everything in between. Most folks just enjoyed the ride out to the Arizona Trail Trailhead, but a handful of hard-core riders got to see some of the gnarly parts of the desert.
We’ll do this again soon. Hope you’ll join us. – John Bingham

Shawns group also had a great time. The range of bikes were a kx 100 to yes that 800 We made it down to the San Pedro and back no issues. I showed them the well dug into the side of the cliff at the ranch house, and the “Quemado” the place where the ground water comes up to the surface and makes a nice little stream, also told them of the history of the Camp grant wash and San Pedro and Arivaipa confluence.

So, with a little more experience everyone could do this loop on smaller bikes and provides more interest over the wide road of Willow Springs. The only problem is the sand wash, it was wet for this ride, thus easier. If it’s dry, very difficult on the big bikes. – Gary Meeker

2nd picture below is from Willow Springs start (riders meeting) – featuring Serranos’ in the foreground and some of the 15 or so guys who broke off and rode with Shawn. (P.S. that little TW200 rocked – she was hauling azz) – Mike Branham on the way back) – Mike Branham

The first picture below is of about 2/3rds of the total group! Stop next to the Az. Trail, Trail Head.