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Product Review of the Viking Seeker Pan Am Tank bag

Viking Seeker Pan Am tank bag

Overall, I like this bag. It’s sturdy and very well built.

The installation is pretty involved. Once the seat is removed, the straps actually screw directly to the tank for a secure fit. Once installed, this bag isn’t going anywhere. It’s held firmly in place.

There are several separate compartments for a variety of items. The smaller pockets allow for sorting of tools, supplies, snacks, first aid kit or whatever you choose to put in them. The zippers are of very good quality and tuck nicely into the cover when zipped to keep out dust, dirt, mud, etc.

The cell phone compartment is very snug. My Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus barely fit, but it did. I had to remove the cover, but there is plenty of storage to hold the case while I am using the GPS on my phone. There is a pocket on the bottom of the phone compartment that holds the phone firmly in place. The clear cover allows for easy touch navigation.

It also came with a rain cover. The cover fits over the bag and cinches on the bottom. There is a clear window in the rain cover that allows access to your phone and/or GPS.

This really is a very nice tank bag.

You can learn more about VikingBags by checking out these links.

Art M.

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