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Stage 2 Fire Restrictions

After I posted the notice from the USFS about Stage 2 Fire Restrictions, a fellow club member asked for my reaction to this statement of prohibitions “…operating any internal combustion engine off designated roadways…”. Sounds like no off-roading motorcycles to me.”

So, I contacted Dana Backer of the USFS. I said, “I believe we at TRS have asked for clarification on this in years past. In the Fire Restriction notice it is stated that “…operating any internal combustion engine off designated roadways…” is prohibited. TRS understands that if we ride our motorcycles on officially designated MVUM routes or trails we are not in violation of the Stage 2 Fire Restriction guidance.” Please advise.

A response from Steven Miranda, Chief 5, Fire and Aviation Staff Officer, Forest Service, Coronado National Forest was received this morning. Yes, we are still allowed to ride our motorcycles on MVUM routes or trails during the Stage 2 Fire Restrictions.

For your reference I have attached the signed action letter from the Coronado Forest Supervisor, Mr. Kerwin Dewberry and associated fire restrictions map.


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