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There Will Be Dust

Over 80 rides and over 100 total in attendance had an outstanding time at There Will Be Dust VI. TRS thanks the town of Patagonia, Arizona State Parks, the USFS and all the volunteers, friend and families that made this event a huge success.

TRS wishes to send a special thanks to all the sponsors of TWBD.

• On Any Moto
• Serrano Motorsports
• Tread Lightly
• Anonymous

Also to the town of Patagonia and the business there that welcomed and support this great group of dirt bike riders.

• The Gathering Downs
• Stage Stop Inn
• Wild Horse Restaurant
• Wagon Wheel
and several Bed & Breakfasts as well!

If you could not make it this year, save the date November 23 2019 for There Will Be Dust VII.

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  1. TRS received this message from someone who was unable to ride, but the location and history connected with him in a very special way. Please read on and enjoy.

    I had to cancel my TWBD-VI attendance at the last minute, but from the pictures it looks like your group had a great time.

    Back in 1974, on our way to Parker Lake, my buddies Mike, Steven, and I rode past the San Rafael Ranch House on our Honda XL175s. We had to stop and take a look. And NO, we weren’t legally old enough to have drivers licenses.

    When we got back to our town, we told our dads about the ranch house and how it looked exactly like the one from the movie Oklahoma!. “Of course,” they said, “that’s because it is son,” and proceeded to tell us how many of the ladies in town competed to be cast as extras in the big scene (just like in the original Rodgers and Hammerstein musical) where all the ladies ran up and down the hill in their period long dresses. The director shot the scene over and over again and the ladies had quite the workout. They were paid $3 a day and well fed.

    My dad said that the filming was the talk of the town, and the ladies cast as extras walked around town a little taller than usual. The movie came out a year later and was showing at the only movie theater in Nogales AZ on Morley Avenue. The ladies eagerly assembled in mass at the very first showing to see themselves on the big screen only to find that they ended up on the cutting room floor. My aunt Clara included. My dad chuckled at his hugely disappointed younger sister. Even the wealthiest ladies in town were among the disappointed.

    We ended up hearing the story from the ladies perspective later. Including my aunt Clara who is now 90 years old, still very spirited and tells the story with a laugh. She said it was a good thing they were well fed because that was their only concession! That and some cherished memories.


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