2019 Copper Classic Race Volunteers Needed

There are still a few key tasks that need to be assigned to volunteer or two. Please consider helping out.

  1. Collect Liability Waiver form signatures at “front gate”
  2. Pick Up AMRA trailer after February 2019 Prescott race
  3. Drop off location for AMRA trailer in Tucson
  4. Deliver AMRA Trailer to San Manuel Feb. 28th
  5. Pick up & Return road barricades
  6. T-shirt sales


TRS’ Copper Classic

Greetings TRS,

Now with There Will Be Dust VI in the rearview mirror, it is time once again to turn our attention to our ever-popular AMRA Series race event, the Copper Classic. Your club will be hosting the race in San Manuel on Saturday March 9th, 2019.

Your Club Officers are now seeking volunteers to form the Race Planning Committee and begin taking on the event planning action list. This event should be of special interest to those TRS members currently racing this year’s AMRA series. We can use your experiences obtained from riding the other races to help ensure our event offers the best venue in the entire series. So I am looking for a strong representation from our racers on both the Race Planning Committee and the action list.