Work Day #2 Report

Helmets off to all the TRS members and friends who came out to help get the race course ready for race day.

A special thanks to Kelly V. & Anthony B. for putting in OT getting the course ready. Nice work guys.

A large portion of a fence adjacent to the “grass track” was cleared of the vines. This now will allow a superior spectator viewing area for the Big Bike race. Much safer than the arrangement used last year.

This is the name list captured today of all the volunteers, but if someone’s name is missing please reply.

Gary M., Jerry K., Jim G., Chris D., Tim Mc., Charlie H., Chris A., Diego M., Alvaro M., Kelly V., Anthony B., Brad S., Kevin H., Todd D., Eric T., Chuck I., John B., George W.

TRS February Club Meeting


Final notice for the February club meeting. Be sure to attend, expect to hear some great stories about favorite or most memorable rides. I am especially interested in hearing the ostrich story told by Russell Hacker.

Date: Tuesday, February 12, 2019
Time: 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM (social 1/2 hour starts at 6:00pm)
Place: East Coast Super Subs, 187 N Park Ave near the U of A.


AMRA SOLLiD’s Results

Congratulations to all of the TRS racers who participated in the 2019 SOLLiD’s Day in the Desert!

A special recognition shout outs to those who captured the top spot in their respective Class:
Steve Keller 1st B40+
Mike Perry, 1st C50+
Jace Vogt, 1st. 85cc 9-11yrs

Also looks like TRS owns the C40+ class; TRS captured 3rd – 7th place. Great racing!

B250 Bryce Johnston 3rd
B30+ Jonathan Buchanan 3rd
B40+ Steve Keller 1st. (4th Overall B!!)
B40+ Shawn Barney 5th.
B40+ Dan Lutz 21st.
B40+ Anthony Beers 23rd.
B40+ Kelly VanArsdale 28th.
B50+ Dave Vogt 2nd.
COpen Trsiten Bell 10th.
C250 Dakota Bray 6th.
C40+ Diego Mendoza 3rd.
C40+ Alvaro Mendoza 4th.
C40+ Chris Bouchard 5th.
C40+ Joe Kamai 6th.
C40+ Bill Hendricks 7th.
C50+ Mike Perry 1st
C60+ Mark Koenig 2nd.
CWomen Tracy Evans 3rd.
85cc 9-11yrs Jace Vogt 1st.
85cc 9-11yrs Griffin Harris 4th.
65cc 10-11yrs Logan Bouchard 8th.

RMMC Race Gas Program, Changes

During the latter part of 2018, those who were volunteering time to the Red Springs Trail Project were earning RMMC Race Gas credits for their RMMC account. Recently I received an email from Mac L. of RMMC. Unfortunately we will no longer earn Race Gas credits for work on the Red Springs Project. Review Mac’s message below.

Hello George,

Here at Rocky Mountain we appreciate everything that organizations like TRS do for the sport and for trail maintenance. You guys have been great!!

However, as we move into 2019, we find ourselves at odds with the terms of the RaceGas program. I know that Tyler was able to bend a few rules to help out your group in 2018. Unfortunately, Tyler has left the company. The RaceGas Program remains the same for 2019. I have included a link outlining the program.

Please respond with an acknowledgement to the terms of the program.

Should you have an event with 50 or more participants, we would be happy to provide RaceGas credits.

I have also attached a PDF letter that you can provide to your riders. This will help them understand the program better, access their credits easier and provide you more complete data.

I’m looking forward to great season with your group. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Mac L. // RaceGas Director – Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Patagonia Likes TWBD!

Steve Brown and George Wysopal were in Patagonia last night to attend the bi-monthly Town Council meeting. While at the meeting they presented an appreciation plaque to the Town Council for their support of TRS’ motorcycle event and fundraiser, There Will Be Dust VI. Thank you letters were also issued to the Gathering Grounds and Stage Stop Inn. Both of these businesses provided TWBD participants and guests outstanding service and meals.

After Steve handed off the plaque and thank you letters, all in the audience and Council members applauded our expressions of thanks. Their reaction certainly surprised both of us. Several of the Council made it known they were extremely pleased with the success of our event and the respectful behavior all participants demonstrated while visiting Patagonia. The Council also made special note and high praise for the $1,500 donation to the local food bank. Further discussions with the Council confirmed TRS is welcome to come back in November of this year for the next running of There Will Be Dust!

NOHVCC Webinar – January 30, 2019


NOHVCC’s mission is to “create a positive future for OHV recreation.” How does NOHVCC strive to further that mission? Learn more about how NOHVCC operates by participating in the “What is NOHVCC” webinar. If you have ever wondered about NOHVCC’s structure, programs, projects or staff, this webinar is for you. Also, NOHVCC provides a wide range of tools, guidance and expertise to OHV enthusiasts and managers – don’t miss this opportunity to find out if you can benefit from NOHVCC’s assistance!

Presenters include all NOHVCC staff:

Duane Taylor, Executive Director
Marc Hildesheim, Project Manager
Jack Terrell, Senior Project Manager
Geoff Chain, Project Coordinator & Communications Associate
Laura Feist, Executive Assistant

To RSVP, go to:

January 8, 2019 Club Meeting

Thanks to all who turned out for last night’s meeting. We had a full house again. Heard some great stories about memorial trail rides and the bar banging action at the last AMRA race.

There was a very special guest in the audience last night. His name is Joe Cook. Joe is the father of TRS club member Mike Cook. Joe is a WWII Navy Veteran who served his country in the South Pacific. At a very young 92 years of age, he serves as an inspiration for all of us. We were honored to join us for the club meeting.

Last night we also congratulated all the TRS racer’s for their fine performance at the last AMRA race, the Buckey Hare Scramble.

Here are the results as of this morning:

Bike Bikes

C Womens

3rd Place Tracy Evans

8th. place Jonathon Buchanan

2nd place Shawn Barney
17th place Kelly Van Arsdale
18th place Anthony Beers

2nd place David Vogt

C Open
5th place James Morris
10th place Tristen Bell

4th place Richard Evans
6th place Dakota Bray
11th place Rhyan Brogmus
12th place Will Hastings

4th place Chuck Ivy Jr

1st place Joe Kamai
2nd place Chris Bouchard
3rd place Bill Hendricks
9th place Diego Mendoza
12th place Alvaro Mendoza

3rd place Mike Perry
4th place Tim McGuire

1st place Mark Koenig

Mini Race Results

85cc 9-11 Year Olds
Jace Vogt 1st.
Griffin Harris 4th.

65cc 9-11 Year Olds
Logan Bouchard 8th.

News From The AMA, USFS Travel Management Rule

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The California Off-Road Vehicle Association joined 18 other groups to petition the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Forest Service to rescind or revise its 2005 Travel Management Rule. The rule requires designation of roads, trails and areas that are open to use by motor vehicles and prohibits motor vehicle use off of the designated system. Before the rule was put in place, motorized access was permitted unless specifically prohibited due to evidence that significant environmental damage would result. The petition was filed by the Texas Public Policy Foundation on behalf of 22,497 individuals represented by organizations in six states.

(Not sure how far this will go, but TRS will keep its eye on this story)

NOHVCC Year in Review

NOHVCC = National Off-Highway Conservation Council

Take a look at this article. Open this link.

TRS has started to develop a closer relationship with NOHVCC this year. Since the start of the Red Springs Single Track Trail Project, TRS has relied on NOHVCC as a source of trail design & building information and guidance on how to work with Land Managers, such as the US Forest Service. Recently we have been in contact with Geoff Chain of NOHVCC. He is mentioned in the article. Geoff has committed to join us at some point to take a look at the trails out in the Red Springs area. He has also been invited to attend a TRS club meeting. Stay tuned for more news on this topic.