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AMRA SOLLiD’s Results

Congratulations to all of the TRS racers who participated in the 2019 SOLLiD’s Day in the Desert!

A special recognition shout outs to those who captured the top spot in their respective Class:
Steve Keller 1st B40+
Mike Perry, 1st C50+
Jace Vogt, 1st. 85cc 9-11yrs

Also looks like TRS owns the C40+ class; TRS captured 3rd – 7th place. Great racing!

B250 Bryce Johnston 3rd
B30+ Jonathan Buchanan 3rd
B40+ Steve Keller 1st. (4th Overall B!!)
B40+ Shawn Barney 5th.
B40+ Dan Lutz 21st.
B40+ Anthony Beers 23rd.
B40+ Kelly VanArsdale 28th.
B50+ Dave Vogt 2nd.
COpen Trsiten Bell 10th.
C250 Dakota Bray 6th.
C40+ Diego Mendoza 3rd.
C40+ Alvaro Mendoza 4th.
C40+ Chris Bouchard 5th.
C40+ Joe Kamai 6th.
C40+ Bill Hendricks 7th.
C50+ Mike Perry 1st
C60+ Mark Koenig 2nd.
CWomen Tracy Evans 3rd.
85cc 9-11yrs Jace Vogt 1st.
85cc 9-11yrs Griffin Harris 4th.
65cc 10-11yrs Logan Bouchard 8th.

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