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Red Spring Trail Project Timeline

Back in 2013 when TRS began speaking publically about the idea of creating single-track trail for dirt bikes, there were many dirt bike riders who doubted this would ever happen. This was an understandable reaction considering there was not a mile of true legal motorized single-track on the Coronado National Forest at that time. But a core group of TRS members saw the possibility and persevered. This was no easy task and required tremendous amounts of volunteer time and sacrifice. What appears below is my effort of condensing an enormous amount of detailed history into a short Face Book post. Enjoy and feel free to ask questions.

September 2013 —— April 2014
The journey begins by establishing relationships inside of the Coronado National Forest.
TRS meets Forest Service Officials to share a motorized single-track (ST) vision.
TRS educates itself on “how to” create a 25-mile trail system & forms a ST Committee.
TRS establishes contact with national & regional organizations/resources to gain trail building knowledge.

November 2014 —— June 2015
The background work begins.
Discover a potential trail system site and interest in the Nogales Ranger District.
TRS develops a detailed plan, conducts research, formalizes a “purpose and need” plan.
Forest Service agrees to pursue an OHV grant from Az. State Parks & Trails.
TRS assists the Forest Service in preparing the OHV grant application.
Grant approved for the Red Spring Trail Project.

November 2015 —— Current 2019
The on the ground work begins.
Numerous trail hikes to investigate trail routes.
Forest Service prepares NEPA documentation.
Public Scoping & Fish & Wildlife reports.
Flagging & GPS’ing trails, feed back to FS Archaeologist, Biologist & Range Specialist.
Draft & Final Decision Notices published.
Coordination of trail building resources, private contactors, volunteers, Az. Conservation Corp.
TRS volunteer participation in or assisted with – –
Pima Pineapple Cactus, archeology & invasive species surveys,
Trail building, rock moving, brush trimming,
GIS mapping, map production,
Staging area development, route marker installation,
1,600 hrs. or $62.6K worth of TRS volunteer support to date!


Copper Classic Donation

Trail Riders of Southern Arizona (TRS) presents a donation of $2,500 to the Mammoth-San Manuel Unified School District’s Community Schools. Shown is Lisa Armenta receiving the check from Chuck Ivy of the Trail Riders of Southern Arizona dirt bike club. The proceeds help fund a three-week sports camp in the summer for kids 1st to 8th grades as well as various field trips.

Trail Riders of Southern Arizona is a non-profit club that hosts the San Manuel Copper Classic off-road motorcycle race each year in San Manuel, Arizona and makes it a fundraiser. The race is part of the Arizona Motorcycle Riders Association (AMRA) race series. The last event was held March 9th, 2019. In addition, school kids run a food stand at the race to also raise money.

TRS Racers

Best of luck to the TRS racers who will be participating in the Bill Holcomb Off-Road Challenge, Saturday May 11 in Page Arizona.

As always, ride hard, ride safe and represent TRS well before during and after the race.


RST Weekend Extravaganza

Very nice turn out this weekend in spite of the warm temperatures. The staging area was made ready for us to use and although not complete, it worked our very well for us. In total there were 22 TRS members over both days. More work was done trimming brush, “kicking” rocks and installing the trail barriers (aka mini cattle guards). John Titre of the US Forest Service camped out with us Saturday evening. We made it a point to publicly express our thanks for all John he has done to bring this project to the Tumaccaoiri Mountains! The diner meal on Saturday was excellent too, Thanks Todd!!

Forest Service Message to TRS, RST Project

Message below from John Titre.I notified him we have now contributed over 1,000 volunteer hours to the project.


Incredible accomplishment! —And it is just not the hours but the level of expertise throughout the project. It could not have been done without that level of involvement from TRS. Not once did we use the Supervisor’s Office for GIS work expect for printing three maps when our printer was disabled. The biologist and archeologist were able to use shape files generated for their analysis.

This is definitely a Legacy Project and will be on the District for several hundred years like the other trails that are a hundred years old that we maintain. The difference is that this trail was properly designed and implemented. Once completed it will be of national significance.

TRS will likely continue to be an integral part of trail stewardship for many years.

I am indebted to your service to the Nation and the Forest Service.


RST Weekend Camp/Trail Build/Ride/Cookout


Let’s start organizing for the end of the month camp/trail build/ride cook-out event.
We know the following;
Dates: Saturday & Sunday, April 27 & 28
Time: It will be warming up by the end of the month, so we will try to start things by 8:00am each day. Per the Forest Service, we are encouraged to limit volunteer work to 3-4 hours per day.
Location: We will be using our RST Staging area as our camp site. It is located just off Forest Service Road 684 (gps coordinates 31.62903N, 111.10227W)
What We We Do?: Have fun, install fence crossing (aka mini cattle guards), trim brush, “kick” rocks off the trail, have fun, ride the trails we work on, have fun, camp fire fun, food and drink fun…fun
TRS will bring trail tools, drinking water, gatorades, a couple of ez-ups.
You should bring your bike, riding gear, camping gear. Water and snacks for consumption when out on the trails. Consider sun screen, cell phone and a 2-way radio if you have one, tuned to frequency 151.625.
We are looking for a few to organize the lunch and dinner meals for Saturday & Sunday. TRS will reimburse for the food.
Need to know if you plan to attend and which days.You do not need to attend both days.
If you don’t want to camp out, consider the RV camp sites near Amado.
Mountain View:

George Wysopal
President, TRS