There Will Be Dust 2020 Update

I attended the Patagonia Town Council last night. Here are the evening results.

1. A motion was approved unanimously to allow TRS to host/stage TWBD 2020 in town with all of 2019’s permissions. Several Council members & Food Bank Manager expressed their gratitude for the $2,000 donation to the Food Bank. Town Marshal Joe Patterson chimed in with comments about how respectful our event participants were and how TRS demonstrated concern for rider safety.

2. The TRS Appreciation plaque was presented to the Mayor and Council members. Heard some oohs & aaahhs as I showed the plaque. We then received a round of applause from everyone in the room. Cool.
The picture left to right, yours truly, Mayor Andrea Wood, Food Bank Mgr., Jim Staudacher.

So mark your calendar now for TWBD VIII, Saturday, November 21, 2020 in Patagonia Az.


TRS Membership Auto Renewal System Issue

Some of you may have recently received a notice from PayPal stating “Trail Riders of Southern Arizona Inc. canceled your automatic payments.” This occurs a day or so after your membership auto renewal payment processed for the next 12 months and a charge was made to your credit card currently on file.

Fellow club member and TRS Website Master, Will Hasting, has investigated this and believes he understand the trouble. He is a short message from Will.

….”the form of automatic payments we’re using from PayPal is currently broken. To use the more updated, and recommend pathways for sale sites requires us to elevate our PayPal account to a paid tier. PayPal said they’re working on a fix, but don’t have an ETA. I’ve disabled future sign-ups of Automatic payments till than. But anyone with auto-renewals from November and the foreseeable future are going to see this and need me to manually switch them over to the non-automated method after it fails.”

Stay tuned

December 2019 Club Meeting

The final TRS club meeting for 2019 drew about 35 club members at our club house, East Coast Super Subs last night.

A few highlights:

• Reviewed the very successful There Will Be Dust VII event.
• As a result of this event, TRS was able to make a $2,000 cash donation to the East Santa Cruz County Community Food Bank, located in Patagonia.
• Heard a detailed AMRA Race Committee report, thanks Mr. Beers.
• Shared a summary of the Red Spring Single Track Trail Dedication Ceremony.
• Reminded the club about the upcoming kick-off planning meeting for the 2020 Copper Classic, AMRA race.
• Read aloud the annual Night Before A Dirt Bike Christmas story, with a new Santa this year.
• Briefly discussed the annual New Year’s Day club ride and lunch. After meeting discussions suggest we continue with our tradition by having the ride in San Manuel.
• And most importantly, we issued an AMA Safety Award to our own Todd Davis. We recognized his many years of service supporting the Copper Classic and There Will Be Dust events as a course EMT. Having him on the course providing quick response to injured riders adds a level of confidence our event participants will receive prompt medical aid in their time of need. Thanks Todd!!


Red Spring Trail Ride January 26, 2020

TRS OHV Ambassadors will be hosting this ride. There will be several route options to accommodate various skill levels.

Directions to the Staging Area

Take I-19 south to Exit 40, “Chavez Siding Road”, which is just past the Boarder Patrol Check Point which is on the opposite side of the highway.

Turn right at the stop sign, now you are heading towards the Frontage Road. At the next stop sign, turn right onto the Frontage Road and go about .3 miles north and turn left onto a dirt road. There is a sign at the entrance to this dirt road, the sign says “Hunter Access”, it’s easy to miss this, so go slow.

You will now be on Forest Service Road #684. Drive on this dirt road for about 4 miles. The staging area will be on your right, very obvious.

GPS Coordinates for the Staging Area: 31.6306280, -111.1019341

If you do not want to drive down the 4 miles of dirt road, there is a parking area .1 of a mile after you turn off the Frontage Road and onto the Forest Service Road #684. It will be on your left. You need an Arizona State Trust Land Recreation Permit to park at this parking area.

More details will be posted before the ride, stay tuned.

There Will Be Dust VII

There Will Be Dust was another fine success for TRS. Almost 70 riders participated in this year’s ride and fund raiser. Nearly the same number attend the dinner meal and raffle prize party.

Comments from the riders indicated they all enjoyed the routes, scenery and weather. There was NOT any dust. Hero dirt everywhere. These conditions only happen a few times a year in our part of the State.

The service, accommodations & atmosphere at both the Long Horn Grill & Saloon (lunch) and the Wild Horse (dinner) restaurants was just right as far as I am concerned. Our raffle party seemed to be a hit, even the restaurant staff came in to buy tickets.

Thanks to all the TRS volunteers, friends and family members for your help! You were great.

TRS’ There Will Be Dust event of Nov. 23, 2019 could not have been possible without the support of several bike shops and other businesses. Please consider patronizing these wonderful folks when you can.

Arizona Kawasaki, KTM & Triumph (AZKKT) – Tucson
Cycle Skis & ATV (CSA) – Tucson
Roost Goggles – Maricopa
Muscleman’s Honda – Tucson
Tucker Power Sports – Fort Worth Texas
On Any Moto – Tucson
Serrano’s Motor Sports & Service – Tucson
Stage Stop Inn – Patagonia
Copper Brothel Brewery – Sonoita
Wild Horse Restaurant – Patagonia
Wagon Wheel Saloon- Patagonia
Gathering Grounds – Patagonia
Longhorn Grill & Saloon – Amado
A special thank you to Patagonia Town Council for again allowing TRS to host TWBD VII in center of town.
Finally, a special thanks to Town Marshal Patterson for supporting our event and keeping things safe for all the participants.

OHV & The Economy

Check out this article, very good read. Click on the link below.

Webinar – Learn How To Host Rides for Veterans

NOHVCC’s webinar series continues– join us on October 1!

Title: Learn How To Host Rides for Veterans

What was intended to be a special, one-day event called the “Thank You For Your Service Ride,” has turned into so much more. NOHVCC Chairman and External Relations Director for the Iowa OHV Association, Dan Kleen, has now organized several veterans’ rides in Iowa (with more to come). This webinar will highlight the rides for veterans in Iowa and provide participants with all the information and tools necessary for clubs across the Country to replicate Iowa’s success.

  I’ll be attending, sign up here: