Webinar – Learn How To Host Rides for Veterans

NOHVCC’s webinar series continues– join us on October 1!

Title: Learn How To Host Rides for Veterans

What was intended to be a special, one-day event called the “Thank You For Your Service Ride,” has turned into so much more. NOHVCC Chairman and External Relations Director for the Iowa OHV Association, Dan Kleen, has now organized several veterans’ rides in Iowa (with more to come). This webinar will highlight the rides for veterans in Iowa and provide participants with all the information and tools necessary for clubs across the Country to replicate Iowa’s success.

  I’ll be attending, sign up here:  https://www.nohvcc.org/event/webinar-learn-how-to-host-rides-for-veterans/?rsvp_sent=1

Bill would cap ethanol in nation’s fuel supply Tell your representative to support H.R. 2540 today

H.R. 2540, the bipartisan Food and Fuel Consumer Protection Act of 2019, introduced by U.S. Reps. Bill Flores (R-TX) and Peter Welch (D-VT), would cap the volume of ethanol blended into the nation’s fuel supply at 9.7 percent of the total volume of gasoline. The American Motorcyclist Association supports this bill and other efforts to reform the Renewable Fuel Standard.

Folliw this link to contact your congress critters…


Penny and Rascal return!

Who the heck are Penny and Rascal, you ask?  Wonder no more!

They are, of course, the stars of NOHVCC’s Adventure Trail.  They have been featured on the NOHVCC website, in coloring and activity books, and on full-size posters.  Soon they will appear in an interactive Adventure Trail website. 

 More info here:  https://www.nohvcc.org/education/rider-education/adventure-trail/

Rosemont mine news…

More info here: https://www.scenicsantaritas.org/uncategorized/where-are-we-now/

Save the Scenic Santa Ritas
SSSR News 9.17.19: Rosemont asks judge to amend ruling; links to latest news

Dear Friends of SSSR: You may have seen the recent article Judge is asked to junk ruling that halted Rosemont work in the Sept. 5th edition of the Arizona Daily Star and wondered WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT? Well, it’s all a bit complicated, but the bottom line is that Hudbay is perhaps trying to exhaust all possible remedies before filing a full appeal, which they can still do within 60 days after the judge’s decision comes back on their recent “Motion to Alter or Amend.” Here are a few more details on Rosemont’s “Motion to Alter or Amend” filing:   On Friday, August 30th, attorneys for Hudbay/Rosemont submitted what is legally known as a “Motion to Alter or Amend” the Tucson federal court’s Judgment that was issued on August 2nd. This Judgment formally implemented the court’s July 31st Order, which had ruled that the Forest Service’s Record of Decision and Final EIS violated numerous aspects of federal public land, mining, and environmental law. The court’s decision and Judgment “vacated,” which means set aside/invalidated, the ROD and FEIS, such that they no longer can be used by the Forest Service or any other federal agency in support of approving the Rosemont project operations.    Hudbay/Rosemont’s August 30th motion asks the court to amend its decision so that the FEIS should still be in force, and argued that the court exceeded its jurisdiction in vacating the ROD and FEIS.    Attorneys for SSSR and the other conservation group plaintiffs, along with attorneys for the three Tribes, have reviewed Hudbay/Rosemont’s motion and have found that it is without merit and should be denied by the court. SSSR’ and the Tribes’ responses to Hudbay/Rosemont’s motion were initially due to be filed September 13, but the court granted SSSR/Tribes’ motion to extend that deadline, and now the responses are due on September 27th. Notably, in its order setting the new response deadline, the court ruled that Hudbay/Rosemont will not be allowed to file a reply to SSSR/Tribes’ responses.   There is no time limit for Judge Soto to rule on the new motion, but it will be some time after SSSR/Tribes file their responses on September 27th.   So, we cannot predict with certainty what Judge Soto will decide, but our attorneys are confident that, as we noted above, Hudbay/Rosemont’s motion is without merit.   We’ll know for sure only when Judge Soto makes his decision , sometime after September 27th.

Jessi Combs memorial

 If any one is in LA the next couple days, this would be well worth attending!

Jessi Combs: Life at Full Speed celebrates the extraordinary life of Jessi Combs.

Join us in honoring the “fastest woman on four wheels.”

More info here: https://www.petersen.org/jessi?utm_source=Master+Opt-in&utm_campaign=753535704a-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_09_20_07_35&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_b7d474b575-753535704a-63298909&mc_cid=753535704a&mc_eid=799e88e4c2

Contact your U.S. senator now to support full funding of the Recreational Trails Program

Senate Bill 1527 has five sponsors, many more needed

The federal Recreational Trails Program has used off-highway vehicle users’ federal gas taxes to fund more than 24,000 trail projects nationally since 1992. It is clearly one of the best tools we have to help fund trail construction and maintenance.

Only about $84 million of the estimated $270 million collected annually on OHV fuel makes its way to trails projects. That’s less than a third. And it’s a gap that every trail user should want closed.

In late May, U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) introduced legislation that takes the first, important step toward getting RTP the full funding it deserves. Four other senators have signed on to co-sponsor the bill, which requires the Federal Highway Administration

More info here:



A new app, for making it easy to remember, and pass on GPS coordinates….  It seems pretty cool, and they claim to be able to cover the world, in 3 words.

More info here:  https://what3words.com/wounds.client.face

 I think our Hunter Access road is “timings.flood.friday”  the app doesn’t seem to convert coords. I sent them a question about that…