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Copper Classic Work Days

A few have asked about tentative dates for the Copper Classic Work days.

We may not need all of these days, it depends on how many club members volunteer and how much work needs to be done.

The January & February dates are intended to make the course safe and ready for use come race day.

March 2 & 3 is when we place the wood stakes out on the course to be later tagged with directional, danger & wrong way arrows on the Friday before the race. This is a key weekend for us.

The February days below have been adjusted from what was discussed at the Planning meeting on Monday night.

Sun 27-Jan
Sat 9-Feb
Sun 10-Feb
Sat 2-Mar
Sun 3-Mar

Please save these dates to your calendar. You can start replying now as to which dates you are available.


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  1. Currently, I’m available to 27 Jan, 10 Feb and 3 Mar. I’ll update if anything changes… thanks

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