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TRS’ New Year’s Day Ride

Where to ride for our traditional New Year’s Day ride?
The following were suggested at last night’s meeting.

1. The Gap
2. Redington Pass
3. San Manuel & North of Webb Rd.
4. 3C Ranch property outside Oracle

TRS President will discuss with the other club Officers about possibly using club funds for a meal after the ride.


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  1. The Gap is a long day as you have to turn around and go back the way you came.
    Haven’t ridden Reddington in a long time. Could be fun.
    San Man is always a good option as people can bail out easy enough if need be.

  2. Gap sound good and close for me, large groups can be problematic but natural A<B<C divisions of 5 or so work well.
    Redington is great this time of the year.
    Im in for whatever.

    1. Check the Meetup post, the ride is at San Manuel.

      Free lunch after the ride for TRS members @ Carlota’s Mexican Restaurant in Catalina

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