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Arizona State Trust Land – Moto Use

Here is some good news form Az. State Parks & Trails about moto plans on State Trust Land. If TRS makes the final selection, we need to be ready to participate.
Good evening. As you may know, the State Land Department has been awarded funds to develop a Non-Urban Plan for trails on their properties. Recently the project lead reached out to Arizona State Parks and Trails for recommendations on a few organizations/individuals that could provide valuable input towards this project’s success. I am writing you today to inform you that I have provided the project lead with your contact information and they MIGHT reach out for input during the course of the project. As always, we appreciate your dedication to Arizona’s off-highway vehicle community and will stay in touch. Take care and ride safe.

Matthew Eberhart
State Off-Highway Vehicle Coordinator
Arizona State Parks & Trails
23751 N 23rd Ave, Suite 190
Phoenix, AZ 85085
(602) 542-2146
1-877-MY-PARKS |

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