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OHV Decal Problems at DMV

Thanks to TRS member Steve for sharing.

Not sure if this has come to attention yet, but since the DMV has transitioned online renewal from to their new site, AZMVDNow, their
is a problem.

When trying to renew an OHV registration online, the site states that the tags are
permanent and do not require renewal. This is false of course. After two hours on
hold with three different reps, I finally got an appointment to appear at the east side
DMV office.

I paid my $26 there, and several days later, received the ‘registration’ in the mail.
The registration has no expiration date and the decal reads “NO DECAL”.
I called DMV (another 45 minutes on hold), and a level 2 rep finally informed me that
there is no fix for this right now, and that I should print out my receipt from the
website and carry that with me, as all AZ law enforcement agencies have supposedly
been made aware of this error.

Sorry if this is old news, just wanted you to be aware.

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