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Special TRS Message

Greetings TRS!

I hope this message finds you well and calm considering the overwhelming attention being paid to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the near term, please emphasize, practice and promote healthy habits. I expect we will see many more changes to our social habits and norms in the months to come. In fact, it is reasonable to expect some of the changes recently enacted may become the normal process in the future.

The primary purpose of this message is to let you know your club Officers/Board of Directors are keeping the engine of TRS in good shape and running. Here is a short list of what is going on inside and around TRS.

• TRS Officers will be conducting a Zoom meeting on Monday April 6th. to keep in touch and keep your club engine running.
• There will not be a club meeting as previously scheduled for April 14th due to the Governor’s Executive Order (2020-18) closing all restaurants and restricting large group meetings.
• You can continue to ride per the same Executive Order – outdoor recreation is permitted, just comply with social distance and group size guidelines.
• Check you email for a message from Rich Baker regarding expired memberships. During a very busy time period between November of 2019 and through March of 2020 (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and Copper Classic) several club memberships have lapsed. Very understandable, but if you are late, please renew.
• We have several new members in TRS and to you a special welcome aboard. If in fact you have recently joined TRS, please let Tim McGuire know your club t-shirt size and if you want your 2ea. club decals. These items can be packaged up and provided at our next club meeting or earlier if you make different arrangements with Tim.
o Tim’s email:
• On Thursday April 9th. TRS will be participating in the Coronado National Forest Supervisor OHV Partnership meeting. This meeting will take place via “TEAMS” a virtual meeting application.
• Preliminary planning work has begun on the Red Spring Trail Phase II. TRS must submit a formal project letter of intent to be sure the Forest Service recognizes this project for future internal planning activities.

Take care and be safe. See you on the trail soon.


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