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Red Spring Trail Maintenance

The Coronado National Forest is providing a youth trail crew to do some trail work at Red Spring the week of March 13. They are scheduled to work on three spots. One is where a rut is forming, another is at a short section of side hill that is too narrow. Lastly is the Ledges, make it a little easier to ride it west bound, brush it out better and add some addition trail markers to aid in following this short technical section of trail. A few TRS members plan to be present to show them locations and to coach them on what a moto trail needs to look like. Not sure how much actual physical labor TRS will supply, but if we are out there, might as well help. Could also do a little trash clean up and there is a patch of the very invasive plant (buffelgrass) that we could remove. This is all really important, because the following week George and Gary will be meeting with the new Nogales District Ranger to discuss the Red Spring Phase 2 project.

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