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Santa Rita’s go to court…

Last Tuesday, July 23rd, Judge James Soto presided over an all-day hearing regarding the proposed Rosemont Mine in the Santa Rita Mountains.

The lawyers on both sides gave oral arguments. The purpose was to help the judge decide whether he will grant an injunction that will stop groundbreaking activities connected with the mine until he makes decisions on the two cases that are before him.  

He made no decision on Tuesday, but took everything “under advisement.” He said he will issue his decision before August 1 (I assume this means on July 31).

We all thought our lawyers did an excellent job and we feel positive. But, the judge gets the last word – so, as always, STAY TUNED. For details about the hearing, see Tony Davis’s article in the AZ Star here.

And, thanks for your support over these many years!!

Gayle Hartmann, president

Save the Scenic Santa Ritas

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