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Volunteer Painter Needed, Red Springs Single Track Project

We need someone in TRS that is good with an auto style paint gun. Trail barriers will fabricated soon and once the welding is done we need a painter to finish the project.

All materials will be supplied, just need the person with the right skills.


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  1. George,
    I have airless equipment and skills. I would prefer using an water based low VOC industrial steel application paint like Dunn Edwards aristoshield. I use a lot of this material on steel structures and have a discount account with Dunn Edwards.
    What is the material and how much of it needs painted?
    New guy,

  2. Hi Russ,

    Well not long after I posted request for a pinter, the Forest Service informed me we had to wait to purchase the paint materials. We obtained a quote form a local source, but the FS has to use a Government Service Administration to source paint.

    Ray’s Auto Paint & Body quoted this:
    John Deere Yellow, Z.K. Urethane
    2K catalyst ADV
    Medium 2K Reducer ADV

    I will post again once we understand more about the order.

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