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San Manuel night Ride 5-25-2024

WOW! That was the best night ride for me ever.

Shawn, Kristin and Troy marked a 20-mile course using their patent pending reflective close-pins and a few racecourse arrows and danger signs. The course was an absolute blast. Just the right mix of single track, 2-track and a bit of sand wash mixed in for good measure. I was grinning the whole ride.

The temperature at ride time was around 70, and the light breeze benefited us by clearing the dust on the trail. Our overall ride time was about 2 hours. When we returned to the JWJ after the ride, the temps were in the mid 60’s. That felt nice.

There were 8 riders (Shawn, Troy, Anthony, Kelly, Ryan, Andy, Trevor and Me). Trevor, a newbie to dirt bike riding and unattached to TRS, showed up at the JWJ earlier in the day. He was riding his KLX 300 on the back roads from Redington. He stopped in at the JWJ and was naturally welcomed in by Parrish and his crew. He accepted an invitation to the night ride and rode a short portion of the course with us. His bike was not set up for this type of riding, but he enjoyed himself despite that. I invited him to join TRS and attend our next club meeting.

Thanks again to Shawn, Kristin and Troy for getting the course ready. Also, a big thanks to Parrish for allowing us to stage the ride at JWJ Cycles.

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