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TRS Supports the San Manuel Car, Truck and OHV Vehicle Show

Had a good time at the San Manuel Car, Truck and OHV vehicle show. Thanks to Shawn Barney and Troy Rosenburger for organizing this. Yours truly and Mike Cook joined in the festivities. There was a good number of great looking cars and trucks in the show. The best two dirt bikes are shown in the photos below.

We made several good contacts with potential new club members. There was a lot of interest in the Red Spring Trail, There Will Be Dust and the Sky Island ADV route.

Here is the TRS vendor tent set-up.

Here Shawn watches as a young man attempts to do 20 push-ups so he could win a small scale model of a dirt bike. In all 7 dirt bikes were won. 

Even this 8 year old kid got in on the action. He had no trouble doing the 20. A few girls were winners too.

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