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TRS’ January Club Meeting Highlights

Welcomed and recognized new members and guests.

Thanked Josiah and OAM for their hospitality.
A small number of members made their first club meeting, it was good to have them in the house.
Several members whom we have not seen for a long, long time were in the audience. It was great to see them stop in at On
Any Moto.

Redington Pass Update:
George & Gary continue to work with the Coronado National Forest to improve the safety of trail riders using the trails near the 3-Feathers staging area.
Showed photos (gates, fencing and new target shooting trash) of the recent updates the Forest Service made to the Corral area near the entry point of trail #651.
Showed a photo of the sign posted in the area informing target shooters of their safety responsibility. Don’t shoot towards the trail! Sadly, the sign has already been hit by gun fire.
Discussed partnering with Tucson Dirt Riders and other concerned dirt bikers on an Adopt a Trail arrangement with the Forest Service. TDR take has expressed interest in obtaining their own USFS Volunteer Service Agreement & Adopt A Trail agreement. Either way, it is important to have dirt bike riders to be involved in this issue.
Volunteer Rewards Program:
Records of volunteer participation are being documented and gift cards are being issued after select events. The idea of presenting the top volunteer of the end with a modest gift was discussed.

Watched YouTube Video Dirt Bike Crashes. We watched this YouTube video and a few others as a prelude to a discussion on types of dirt bike crashes we have experienced.

We examined and defined these types of crashes, in a humorous way of course! Here is some of what was captured.
*Drops, the bike falls to the ground but not the rider.
*Flops, the bike and ride fall to the ground at a moment of no forward motion.
*Crash, bike and rider hit the ground, during forward motion.
*Flying W, rider leaves the bike, both arms and legs extended, bike goes its own way.
*Front end wash out, usually caused by an excessively worn front tire.
*Sand wash front end wobble and crash.
*Going backwards down the hill, yikes!
*Face plant, say no more.

San Manuel Copper Classic Status, Hare Scramble, Saturday March 11, 2023
*Two sign-up lists for Copper Classic volunteers were passed around. 10 members added their name to support the event. Thank you!

Raffle: Thanks to Shawn, three $25 gift cards were raffled. PLUS, Anthony won the pair of riding gloves. That’s right, Anthony Beers won a pair of riding gloves.

2022 Financial Highlights
Profit Copper Classic $1,824
Profit, TWBD $2,239
Membership Income $483
Donations in 2022 $7,780 ($3,780 San Manuel Schools, $1,000 San Manuel FD, $3,000 Amado Food Bank)

Met on January 6th. with the Coronado Forest Supervisor
Discussed Redington Pass, MVUM verification assistance

Planning a Meet & Greet meet with the new Nogales District Ranger this month to discuss the Red Spring Trail and RST Phase 2.
Don’t forget to support your club shop sponsors!!

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