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There Will Be Dust X, Thank You Message

Saturday’s There Will Be Dust X was an absolute success. The event execution was nearly flawless due to the hard work of the TRS Planning Team. The staging accommodations at the Amado Territory were appreciated by all who were in attendance. Our good friends at the Longhorn Grill & Saloon once again did a marvelous job providing the lunch and dinner meals. The raffle party under the big tent was a great way to end the day.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the fantastic TRS member’s volunteer support and the many business sponsors of the event.

TRS volunteers were responsible for a wide range of assignments and tasks. Here is a short list of what the club volunteers managed.
• Permits
• Route creation, route proofing
• Mapping, course descriptions
• On-line Registration system
• AMA sanction, Liability insurance
• Sweep riders
• Meal delivery on the trail
• Gas delivery on the trail
• TWBD graphic for sticker, t-shirt and banner
• Riders meeting
• Rider Checkpoints, Start, in route, & Finish
• Conduct raffle party

This year we issue a special thank you to Officer Travis Brenner and 2 other fellow LEO’s from the USFS for supporting the ride out in the backcountry. Having them present out on the back roads offered an extra measure of safety and security for all involved. Awesome!

Certainly not to be forgotten are the local and regional businesses who sponsored There Will Be Dust X. These extremely generous businesses and the people who manage them provided over $3,000 in either cash, motorcycle supplies, equipment, or riding gear to the event. These contributions aided in TRS’ quest to raise a healthy donation for the Amado Foodbank.

Here is this year’s sponsor list.
• Alexandra Miller, CPA
• Cycle Skis & ATVs
• On Any Moto
• Serrano’s Motosports & Service
• Tucker Powersports

What better way to thank these sponsors than by patronizing their businesses in the weeks and months ahead.

Happy Thanksgiving to all,

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