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Red Spring Trail (RST) Trash Clean Up

Twelve (12) Trail Riders of Southern Arizona (TRS) members and a representative from the US Forest Service, Nogales Ranger District met at the RST staging area before 9AM on Saturday morning 1-29-2022. After a quick check-in, safety talk and review of the day’s objective, the entire crew headed out to begin our assault on the trash left behind on sections for RST #482. About half of the crew went up to the northern section of #482 near Coyote Corral & Windmill where the trail crosses Forest Road #4139. The other half of the crew visited a section of #482 located south of Forest Road #4136 to collect trail trash.

By about 11:30AM the crews met up to load the last of the trash bags into the Forest Service truck. One club member made this comment about the trash haul, “If we estimate 36 bags at ~ 20 pounds each, the 13-man team from TRS removed around 700 pounds of trash!” Now this might not sound like much to some, but keep in mind, the filled trash bags had to be carried on the rider’s dirt bike across some technical single track a mile or more before reaching the drop off point along a main road. (Actually, we might have innocently discovered be a good trail riding skills improvement technique)

After the truck was loaded, we all headed back to the staging area. Some stopped at the Longhorn Horn Grill and Saloon in Amado for lunch.

Thanks to all who volunteered and to the Forest Service for supporting this effort. A job well done!

John (USFS)
Yours Truly


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