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Az. State Trust Land Non- Urban Project

Arizona State Trust Land Department (AZSTLD) received OHV grant funding from Arizona State Parks & Trails OHV Program for a Non-Urban Lands project. One intent of the project is to establish rules and guidelines for OHV recreational activities. To quote Lisa Atkins, AZSTL Commissioner Lisa Atkins, “A Key component of the plan will be guidelines for OHV uses, including the designation of areas open to OHV use, the types of uses that would be authorized, and other appropriate measures to actively manage and provide an enforcement component of these activities…”

TRS received a letter inviting us to participate in a Non-Urban Lands Project Stakeholder Group. At this time, it is not clear exactly what our level of participation in the project will be, but TRS certainly will apply the best resources to match the demands of the project.

More information will be provided as it becomes available. So, stay tuned!

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