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Red Spring Trail Maintenance Day April 3, 2021

Red Spring Trail Maintenance Day April 3, 2021

The day started promptly at 8AM with eight (8) TRS volunteers participating in the trail maintenance workday. We finished around 11:00am, well before it got too warm. Thanks to Troy R, Mike C, Gary, Diego, Alvaro, Noah, Jonathan S. and yours truly for taking time to tend to our trail system.

The Trail Crew was focused and efficient today. We made quick work of trimming back trailside brush, removing some larger tree limbs to allow room overhead so you wouldn’t smack your helmet as your rode by and even trimmed down a small stump or two along the way. Using some natural materials (rock, tree limbs and brush) we added some visual controls at a couple of corners to improve your ability to navigate a tight corner or trail intersection. We only moved a few rocks off the trail when absolutely necessary. In total we improved the trail along 3.76 miles of TR (Single Track Trail) #483 and TR #482 between FR (Forest Service Road) #4136 and FR #684.

Hope you can join us at the next trail maintenance day or at the upcoming Trash Clean-up day on Saturday April 24th.


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