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Newbie Ride of 1-31-21 a Hit!

THANK YOU, everyone. It was a beautiful day for a ride.
We had about 50 riders show up on everything from a TW200 to an R1250GS… and everything in between. Most folks just enjoyed the ride out to the Arizona Trail Trailhead, but a handful of hard-core riders got to see some of the gnarly parts of the desert.
We’ll do this again soon. Hope you’ll join us. – John Bingham

Shawns group also had a great time. The range of bikes were a kx 100 to yes that 800 We made it down to the San Pedro and back no issues. I showed them the well dug into the side of the cliff at the ranch house, and the “Quemado” the place where the ground water comes up to the surface and makes a nice little stream, also told them of the history of the Camp grant wash and San Pedro and Arivaipa confluence.

So, with a little more experience everyone could do this loop on smaller bikes and provides more interest over the wide road of Willow Springs. The only problem is the sand wash, it was wet for this ride, thus easier. If it’s dry, very difficult on the big bikes. – Gary Meeker

2nd picture below is from Willow Springs start (riders meeting) – featuring Serranos’ in the foreground and some of the 15 or so guys who broke off and rode with Shawn. (P.S. that little TW200 rocked – she was hauling azz) – Mike Branham on the way back) – Mike Branham

The first picture below is of about 2/3rds of the total group! Stop next to the Az. Trail, Trail Head.

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