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Coronado NF Big Horn Fire Update

For those who do not use Facebook, see the message and related maps Gary Meeker posted on our TRS’ Facebook pages.

Important info on the Santa Catalina Forest Closure. Everything in red is closed until November 1st, but depending on conditions things could open sooner. Short story, once Redington Rd (371) opens (hopefully soon) everything south of Redington Rd is open, including Chiva Falls, some roads are also open north of 371, but very limited as of right now. Including part of the Race Track area and the ATV Trail are closed. Please respect this closure and the fines for violating are very big. TRS will stay in touch with the FS for any updates.

The full order is here.…

Also 4438 Bullock Canyon did burn. And even once they have 100% containment, there will still be some areas burning inside the contained area and extreme flooding could occur.

Let’s all stay cool, take a deep breath and relax. Thanks.

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