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TRS Membership Auto Renewal System Issue

Some of you may have recently received a notice from PayPal stating “Trail Riders of Southern Arizona Inc. canceled your automatic payments.” This occurs a day or so after your membership auto renewal payment processed for the next 12 months and a charge was made to your credit card currently on file.

Fellow club member and TRS Website Master, Will Hasting, has investigated this and believes he understand the trouble. He is a short message from Will.

….”the form of automatic payments we’re using from PayPal is currently broken. To use the more updated, and recommend pathways for sale sites requires us to elevate our PayPal account to a paid tier. PayPal said they’re working on a fix, but don’t have an ETA. I’ve disabled future sign-ups of Automatic payments till than. But anyone with auto-renewals from November and the foreseeable future are going to see this and need me to manually switch them over to the non-automated method after it fails.”

Stay tuned

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